New Tripod system and highlighted tripods

Hey guys,

first of all, sorry for my english, I’m not a native speaker, my grammar sucks :slight_smile:

With the new tripod systems we get extended possibilities to highlight the tripods for our character. Does anyone know how to adjust the new system that only the tripods are highlighted at the amulets which are missing at the character (the way it was before) independent of the level of the tripod? Some of my alt’s have lvl 1 - 5 tripods and I only find the possibibilty to highlight certain levels, e.g. lvl 3 and higher, but then I miss out the lvl 1 and 2 tripods for some of the skills.

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Have a nice one

this here should highlight any tripods you have tracked and dont have on lvl 2 or higher yet and should not highlight ones you already have at a level equal or higher to the ones you are dropping

i assume the last checkbox is what you are missing, leaving it unchecked should fix it

Works like a charm, thx a lot Bro(gurt) :slight_smile: