New tripod system not working as intended

with the old system, when I had a tripod in settings, when ever an upgrade for that tripod droped, it had a mark on it and I knew it was an upgrade. (if the gear piece had teh tripod in setting but it was level 3 and i had active level 4, the mark would not show up)

Now you put a tripod in the settings and it will show the marked tripod even if it is a lower version of what i have so it is very missleading and makes no sense, why would it shows me something that is NOT an upgrade im looking for? for example i have in setting guardian thunderbolt damage luck, my tripod is currently level 4 (active as 4) so im looking for the level 5, but anyways ill get several tokesn with guardian thunderbolt damage luck marked all level 2 or 3 WHY? im level 4 DO NOT show me lower versions just like IT WAS in the past

You need to adjust that in settings then it will only show upgrades to ur current level

there is no adjustment, this is my skill

and the only thing i can do is to mark the tripod to show me when it drops, this is the only setting

as you see it is lvl 4 but ill get tokens with that tripod lvl 2 3 4 WHY ?? it is a bad design i only need to show me lvl 5 like it was before

when you click on settings like in your second Screen you need to click on Settings again and there you can fine tune what the game actually shows you and what not.

Compared to previous version you have more options to decide now.