New Tripod System when?

So, the new tripod system has been released a while ago in Korea, when are we receiving it? This is a Quality of Life update and AGS should not hold it.


I’ve been wanting to ask the same, like why are they taking so long with that

It has been answered many times. When Roxx finds out she will let us know. Until then, we wait.

We usually get stuff fast, but they are surely taking all their sweet time with this one as it will result in a loss in their Pheon sales.

We will get it when we get there. There’s so much rush, panic, and adrenaline. Lost Ark players got dopamine reactors flaring up like crazy shooting fireworks in the midnight or daytime sky everyday. Traffic jam and road rage during reset day. Honing judgements with angels and demons singing praises of victory or temptations of defeat. You can’t even sleep or take a rest with so much light, sound, and color being produced and received through your brain and head. We will get it in time though. There’s no doubt about that.

But that’s not the issue, we’re pretty much stuck on our tripod progression because we don’t want to gamble our tripods knowing the change can come anytime.

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They’re thinking of ways to maximize profit before launching the tripod revamp. Their business intelligence will poop out results any time now…

actually its a core system revamp and wouldn’t fall under primarily QoL

Besides new tripod system there’s also another question mark that concerns everyone is new class balance patch. We still haven’t got any clarify from AGS regarding to this issue.

Sorry for tagging, but @Roxx can you please ask the team and can you inform us will we get new class balance patch with September update? Because most people are stopped improving their builds because of this patch and as you know that, no one wants to be weak against Kakul Saydon.

Don’t worry, they’ll tell us 1 day before the patch.

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Hopefully with September QoL patch.

Oh god… imagine the market when that happens

Which is why I expect them to announce it when theres only 3~5 days left, so people go nuts and go full FOMO with pheons.

expecting blue crystals to go through the roof for all the pheon enjoyers that are late to the party

thats not an answer.