New Tripod System Worse for New Classes

So before we had a 100% success rate by using the inventory for the first 6 tripods and ontop of that we could then sell those tripods away to recoop alot of the cost.

MOST classes could run off just 6 max lvl tripods then w/e lvls on the rest.

Now you start the RNG process from 1 so your first 6 is going to cost astronomically more than before.

So new classes are going to be so much worse coz not only are there very few on the market, demand increases astronomically due to losing the tripod upon failing for your first 6.

I think the new system is great BUT keep the old system of first 6 tripods are essentially free to help get your class to a decently playable level without breaking the bank.

its harder to start, but easier to max tripods


we just needed a little more of the amulets that give lvl 4 tripods at least or maybe they could have added 2 of them that give lvl 5 tripod then it would have been fine

the new system overall is better they just didnt help with the start for the fresh express classes enough via the amulets

Buy the chest from twinkle, u might get lucky with some amulets

Stop complaining, the rework of the tripod system is better in EVERYTHING.

Stop being a victim for once on this forum, and play the game.

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I like that Iā€™m not limited at 18 slots and can start boosting skills that i only use in chaos dungeons etc that + giving me the excuse to clean up all my alts skills and fix their runes which had been forgotten depsite my main collecting lots of rune upgrades the past few montths from horizontal content, everything on my alts is so much easier and smoother now.