New Tripod update

Nothing long or hatefull or crying…but can we plz get some news abiut this tripod system. Yes there have been posts about it…but some people dont follow it. People might lose a lot…I know it is coming, but still not 100% sure about it. Thanks

Iirc, Roxx mention that it’s going to work exactly the same as the KR version.

Your equipped items with tripods will not transfer over and only the stuff in the library will transfer over which makes sense in a way where the library tripods is actually the system itself whereas equipment tripods isn’t since it’s a mix of everything from ilevels, sets, quality, etc.

So save whatever is on your equipment now into your library unless your library is already full of level 4 tripods that you have prepared ahead of time.

…and how will we add more after update? Farming and then?

Current broken equipment that gives u the tripods will be replaced with amulets or some item like that which are still gained from your daily chaos runs.

Based odds are also increased as well.

Our update is coming on 11/16.

Here are the ru patch notes translated. I feel like this should already be posted on the official news page but oh well.

Changes in tripods in the October update


In October, you will find a major update with the new continent of Elgasia and improvements to many game mechanics. One of the important changes concerns the library and the replacement of tripods. So that you have time to prepare for these innovations, we introduce you to them in advance.

Changing the tripod replacement system

The tripod replacement system will become more convenient and easy to use.

Now: you replace tripods on the equipment and depending on the equipment used, the level of tripods of the character increases.

After installing the update: in case of successful study of tripods of a certain level, it is saved for the character. You will only need to select a tripod of the studied level in the “Combat Skills” (K) menu. Similarly, the choice of tripod levels in the “Diefighter’s Diary” (Alt+Z) for Epochal raids and raids on Vladyk is now working.

It will be possible to select and use, as now, only 18 tripods above the first level (now you can have three tripods on six items of equipment, a total of 18 tripods on the equipment used). The chance of studying tripods will increase.

If you have damaged equipment with tripods or amplifiers, they will remain available after the upgrade. They can be used to study tripods.

Tripods on your current combat equipment will be removed - save them to the tripod library so as not to lose them.

Changing the tripod library

All tripods from the tripod library will be saved for the character. The library itself will be removed from the game.

If your library has the same tripods of different levels, the highest level will remain.

If you have expanded the tripod library, all tripods from additional tabs will also be saved. The crystals you spent on expanding the tripod library will not be compensated, but you have the opportunity to save more high-level tripods.

Tripods from the first two tabs of the tripod library

They Are Preserved

Tripods from additional tabs of the tripod library

They Are Preserved

Tripods on equipped equipment

Not saved

Tripods on equipped equipment in other sets

Not saved

Tripods on combat equipment in a backpack or warehouse

Not saved

Tripods on damaged equipment

Will remain available for study tripods


Will it be considered an abuse if I save the tripods I need on all five tabs of the library?

No, transferring tripods from additional tabs purchased for crystals is one of the advantages planned by the developers. Both from the main and additional tabs of the library, tripods will be transferred to the character after the update. However, crystals spent on the purchase of additional tabs of the tripod library will not be returned.

I have several characters of the same class, is it enough for me to save tripods to the library for only one of them?

No, tripods are saved for each character and do not work for Heritage. You need to keep tripods for each of your characters, regardless of class.

What happens if I forget to save tripods from the equipped equipment to the library before updating?

After the update, only tripods from the library will be saved, you will lose tripods on equipped and combat equipment in the warehouse and in your backpack, you will need to reassemble them.

I have collected several sets of tripods for different activities, now I am changing them with the help of hiking templates. How will it work after the update?

You will be able to select the desired level of tripods in the “Combat Skills” (K) window for each set of combat skills and switch them together.

What is the maximum number of tripods I can save for use in the new system?

There is no limit on the number of saved tripods, you will be able to transfer and learn all the improved tripods in the game, but for use in the set of combat skills it will be possible to select only 18 tripods above the first level.

…so now my question is, how will we add new tripods after the update if library is removed? Will gear still drop or?

yes you drop amulets with tripods on them and then you try to transfer them into the library (instead of your gear like old version)

the amulets are the same as current tripod drops, you have 3 random tripods on it and you can decide to attempt to learn 1 and then the item disappears and you succeed or fail

…are they limited to 5 slots(obviously library has more tabs), 3 per piece or will amulets be singular pieces?

Oh…replied at same time.

…so do you still need tripods on same piece of gear or can they now be wherever in yoir library?

tripods on gear no longer exists after the update, when you attempt to transfer a tripod they will now be permanently learned in your library for that character, you can learn every single tripod your class has and switch them out in your skill menu whenever, your gear is unaffected


Heres a vid, if you have time to watch it, where ATK, KR streamer, explain how the update works and how to prepare for it in case you want to do it: Prepare THIS before it's TOO LATE - New Tripod System Breakdown - YouTube

People already clarify and explain it to you really well, but if you want, take a look to it, it might be more visual and might help you to understand it better

Im not sure why is a core fundamental mechanic of the game getting changed is not getting adressed properly in and outside the game. Mindblowing.

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They did in KR. But on western release is simply a lack of communication. I already told my guild and will warn them before 16/11 to be ready just in case they tell this just 1-2days before.

But i still have hope it doesnt come next week and they are smart enough to tell it 1-2weeks ealier. But so far it looks like there will be an announcement the next days and it comes on 16/11