New tripods, balance patch, Yoz jar replacement

There are so many QOL items KR has received this year that still havent made their way to NA EU. And then there is the recent balance patch that went in officially last week.

Any ideas when these might come to NA? It was stated that there would be many QOL improvements coming in the August update – which is really light on content.

Would be super nice to get those balance changes, the new Tripod system and the new Trixion capabilities. And reminder that it was in the spring you announced Yoz Jar and the availability of Legendary skins and to date we havent seen nor heard any news on when a replacement might be coming…

Lots of things to improve the game – hopefully some or all of these make it into the August update…

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I don’t think there is a yoz jar or legendary skin replacement. People complained about them and they happened to listen to those people. I don’t see SG doing something different to appease just NA/EU.

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“they happened to listen to those people” really? so it’s just a coincidence they announced Netherlands release couple weeks after canceling moneyjar ? :rofl:


I mean Netherlands has nothing to do with NA/SA tho right? :rofl:

has everything to do, they won’t split the community like that. Can you imagine if they gave jar to na and not eu :rofl:


Can you imagine if other regions had different things. Oh wait KR. Oh wait JP. Oh wait RU. Huh, weird. :rofl:

can you imagine if you could think before you start typing for a moment, we are under one publisher we all get the same updates no matter where you play from :rofl:


Turns out publishers don’t develop games. I know that difference is hard for you to comprehend tho. It’s ok, just keep learning. :rofl:

OP just needs to know there’s no legendary skins because of complaints from a group of people, that includes you.

what the hell you even talking about loool bruh you ok ? what you say ? SG should develope different versions of the game for each country :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: op already should know we don’t have jar because either its a problem or will become a problem for eu.

So all developers make one version for the entire world? Bruh that’s laughably incorrect. Just don’t even know what to say to that. Just think for one second, do we have all the content KR/JP/RU has? Turns out no, because wait for it…they have a different version gasp.

no mate they develop for each publisher they work with, the regions you mention all have different publishers… you must be trolling xD

Much more likely they removed them because when they were scheduled to release the EU was having talks of outlawing loot boxes from video games.

What’s more likely, ags listened to people complaining on the forums?

Or AGS decided to remove yoz jar to avoid any negative PR by adding in a loot box into one of the most played games in EU the same week that the EU is discussing passing laws to outlaw them?

Of course not but the devs do make one version for NA and EU. Do you actually think SG would add yoz to the NA version but not the EU version? They won’t since they’re the same build/version.

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Yes. Localization is a thing. Blizzard does it now with Overwatch for example.

Bring legendary skins PLS!!!

Oh ok. Would be really nice if they did do that since the main problem with yoz, IMO, is the EU no lootbox laws that may be coming/have passed.

Don’t think it’s happening though since NA and EU are the same version of the game.

Blizz offers loot boxes on NA for over watch but not in EU? I don’t play overwatch so idk.

OW has loot boxes in EU just not in Netherlands. Point is devs do indeed have different versions/features in different regions. I don’t think the publisher matters. The publisher can ask for a different version to meet legal requirements.

the silly comments in this thread… alas!!

what I asked for is a Yoz Jar replacement…I understand that the original feature was canned due to legitimate concerns around loot boxes and the extreme cost (in that system) of acquiring Leg skins…if you “read” their posts, they have committed to redesigning the system and bringing Legendary skins into the game. Hopefully in some sort of system that allows us to farm components, craft and buy and sell skins…

It was April when all this went down and since then we havent heard a peep. I am trying to put this atop their list as I really want the Legendary skins in the game…and KR and RUS have them. We don’t.

Yes, cuz they paid for lootboxes to get them. It’s a lost cause, imagine what happens if we get them for free while they had to gamble. SG would never allow their prime playerbase gets upset due to unfair treatment.

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there is no way they keep those skins out of the game…they have committed to getting them back in the game, even if they sell them outright.
and Yoz Jar was simply an RNG based system - which there are 1000s of in this game. Its not like you didnt get something of value.

I have to mention that if it was Soifon who made this thread they would’ve been so toxic and mean to her, miss you Soifon!

On topic, I’ve been reading and researching a lot on the subject and I even made a topic on it.

My personal thoughts after studying the subject is that it will be the same system, no changes, simply because if they barely put any resources or money into localization for launch, you really believe they’re gonna spend any resources for jar? It will be presented to us in a future content update where they are dry on money relatively and need to hit target sales.

Netherlands is not an issue after the court ruling in EA’s favor, the issue in Netherlands was random in game items which is the whole game systems and they are ok with it now.

In the original team update, they mentioned that the reason is RMT and it won’t be in the “June content update”, but now that the RMT problem is solved for the most part, they can release it for a future content patch.