New type of bots - The nuke bots

To be clear, it’s not an AGS game. They just host/publish it for Smilegate for NA/EU audiences.

You are technically right, but there are too many similarities with New World at this point.

Wouldn’t even be surprised if Lost Ark lost 90%+ of its playerbase to, in 4-5 months.

Look at these damn robots

Rework all gold rewards in early game. This is the highest priority to counter bots

nope, most important is that literally every single piece of gold , traded or not , or items get removed… they are farming 24/7 … this is literally a nightmare

I have the founder package and AGS taught me a good lesson. I will play amazon games at least 3-6 months after release.

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They should honestly make collectibles untradeable / selllable

Found some more here. Looks like they picking more off the normal path spots to avoid getting reported.

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