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Along with the machinist release, will the new kr class rework come? because when the destroyer came the rework of classes quickly, it would make sense to come now this new att.

They will announce balance changes just like they announced them before, it won’t come with scouter patch but most likely will in one of the October patches

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I saw someone commenting saying that RU will get rework and tripods in October, so yeah 3 months after the KR… Not sure if is true, i’m trying to find something of it from RU

Edit: Ok i didn’t find them saying they will get in October, i only found the September Patch and it don’t seems they got Rework and Tripods changes, only Hell Kakul? Well was something to do with Kakul with stronghold structure, new 1460 quest and new events.

Class balance patch arrived Korean Test Server after our roadmap announced. So, there is a still chance to get that in our patch as well. Still hoping for that as an Artillerist main…

Russia is getting Elgacia next month, alongside it are tripods and balance patch.
My source was a RU player, didnt feel like asking for confirmations as the previous infos i got from him were accurate.

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Old balance patch was released really fast with Valtan so it’s fine to guess we will get this one with Kouku

I want my uber emperor arcanist balance patch with hallucination


There is no ad for this kind of thing. It may come in the rage of the machinist, even, we’ll know this week.

get hopium if you want but more likely pve patch + tripods is gonna be october

‘‘It may come in the rage of the machinist’’
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