New update thoughts

What are your thoughts on this new update coming?

Personally, I’m pretty happy with it. Does it address everything? No. Is it serving as a stepping stone towards those other concerns? Absolutely.

One of the main concerns is T1/T2 honing rates. I get it. It can be frustrating. Ive already been through it. But theyre giving us more mats. More mats=more chances to succeed especially when you factor in that theyre adding honing books, the most valuable honing increase resource, to the event. That is huge.

Advanced classes. I completely understand. Its frustrating that people are playing a class they dont want to main and dont want to waste resources on it or feel like theyre missing out because they cant apply limited time resources to those characters. I get it, its valid, and I’m with you on this one. There’s no solution to this one except to wait.

I think people need to stop looking at this as a “fix” (because it’s not) and start looking at it as an indication that even if the changes coming dont address everything, they are listening. That’s a good start and more than most companies would do. It doesnt mean you shouldnt be vocal about your concerns, you should, but at the same time maybe appreciate what IS being given to us.

Please dont comment about people being entitled, “western”, etc. Likewise, dont comment that those excited for the changes are Amazon/SG shills. Neither are productive and I’m just going to flag it.


I’m content with it. The people in these forums are so quick to jump down throats and spew negativity. I’m in no rush to hit T3 because I’ve heard of the dead zone, so I’m chilling. At 1070, I’ll get there when I get there. As far as everyone wanting specific changes to take place, they’ll happen when they do. I’d love to play artist and female berserker (one of them will def be my new main) but I’m not foaming at the mouth about it. At least they’re giving us free stuff. I’m simple to please. Did I want increased honing rates? yeah. When I read the post and didn’t see it mentioned, what was my reaction? “Oh well.” I’m still playing the game and I’m still having fun. As you’ve stated, at least we’re getting opportunities for more mats.

The attitude on this forum is insufferable, and if you’re not with the mob mentality then you get flamed for it.


I still feel like we need the honing buff now rather than later. Even if you add more resources to the game im willing to bet its only going to come out to like 1-2 extra hones a day. rates get really abysmal by the time you are at 1350. its still going to take most ftp people months of diligent farming if they want to see argos anytime soon.

We should have the “wall” be after the current highest ilvl required content, never before. Yes the bad honing rates existed for other regions when they had argos, but there was a reason they changed it. It was because people fucking hated it, and were quitting the game because of it.

Buffing the honing rates in my opinion is really the best thing ags could do right now that would actually fix this stupid problem they created for themselves. I really dont think the band aid fix they announced is really enough. I could be wrong about that, but I highly doubt whatever extra mats made available by this will actually end up putting much of a dent into peoples progress towards 1370.

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At least they realize they made some huge mistakes.

All free resources are welcome, but I’d still prefer to have actual content we’re missing, not just for the mats, but because I’m playing this game for challenging fights, not for the grind.

Hopefully next week we get an actual upgrade that adds missing content.

As for honing, I’m fine with starting odds being 15% or 10% for final few 1370 upgrades, but they should increase by a lot more with every failure. By 10% instead of 3%.

Otherwise you’re pretty much doing all 6 attempts every time unless you get really luck.

So keep the rates the same but increase the artisan % more than it is currently.

I meant the odds after each failure.

Right now it’s 3% increase, so 10%, then 13% etc. If they change it to 10, 20, 30 it would be more acceptable. 3% increase is pretty much meaningless.

Or change it so solar mats which increase your odds aren’t consumed upon failure.

I dont necessarily disagree but maybe 10% per is too much. 5% i think is a good middle ground.

Artisan energy fills up to 100% after 5 failures, that means it would be 10-20-30-40-50-60, which still aren’t great odds for 5th try.

It´s good. They addressed the issue that most of us where not aware of alts when they started the game. It´s true we were doing all the horizontal content, far from how experienced players in other regions would play the game.

Should the game have launched with the other honing rates? maybe for T3 but I think you can´t just destroy 1 month of progress from all players.

I´m happy.

I’ve been giving them benefit of the doubt this whole time and the amount of names I got called on here for it is comical. I’ve played the game for 3 years and I’ve seen how Smilegate addresses their fans, I was there when they revamped every little thing in the game to make people come back and play, when they kept apologizing to Lost ark fans for failing them and thanking them for their faith in Smilegate. Unless for some reason Gold River gave up halfway, I had no reason to believe SG would let Amazon get away with major mistakes like that. The tone and phrasing of the post is really reminiscent of how Smilegate adresses their Korean fans, and it’s a really good thing. Smilegate is a good influence, they’ve gone through 7 circles of hell to pull this game back into the state it’s in now, they won’t let it get shit on again.


not really happy
failed to play the marked ( my fault)
Failed to 1370 …
stuck in 1340 loop can now basically just get my twinks all to t3 … be short on gold , mats , income , finish the sidestuff and well than its farming mats till its too boring … we will see how it looks till valtan but this game is quite harsh if ur in the wrong sweetspot :confused: well at least i wil have more time to play ffxiv again…
Ahh and btw saw some people teleporting like bots around and this lagged the map a lot sooo this gets really dangerous…
But i stop now complain people have to feel the frustrating stuff themself. But if the majority does it will be to late to implemnt sth…

I am chilling in T1. Just managed to solo Vertus for first time after many attempts, I play Gunlancer so really had to rethink my entire build, skills, engravings, secondary stats, boost mobility, change pet buff, re do cards, get better ability stone, actually pushed me to streamline my build and actually think about things, was pretty cool eventually smashing him. :slight_smile:

As for honing rates in T1, I went from 250-500 in 1-2 days just through islands quests and freebies, dailies, weeklies and events, iv not even done shushire yet or started it fully.

Might push next raids and abyssal dungeons after chilling with islands and questing again.

But yeah out of 302-500 (+10) I got maybe 3 fails. That’s it. I am out of mats now though but got crap loads of stuff not done including 80% of islands.

It won’t change much. Mediocre update. People will still be stuck in 1340-1370 hell.

im at 1360 atm, arguably the wrost stretch of the already horrible dead zone. Im not happy with this patch, especially since i dont really enjoy my current main enough to farm infinite chaos.

However I am willing to give them the time they need to fix this.

lets save our judgments for when the patch goes live. I really want to see how they handle the classes.


Part of the reason i even decided to play (after playing on RU for a bit, but i still dont consider myself a vet such as yourself) IS the dedication that Gold and the team seemed to have. It was very reminiscent of how Ryozo Tsujimoto and his team talk about and view Monster Hunter. Even when mistakes were made, they seemed to learn and bounce back.

So I kinda had a similar faith in LA from that and I’m glad I did. I definitely had concerns and still do, but this is a positive step. Not a negative one.

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Exactly. And keep in mind we dont know how many extra mats are going to be coming. Maybe it will be insignificant, maybe not, but we should all just relax a bit until we do know.

Why is there a limit on matts we can buy from vendors? If we farm the needed items to trade why cant we spend every bit we farm? Woupdnt removing Restrictions like 5 per week help with the issue on matts?

First of all, last night’s communication was one of the best. It shows AGS/Smilegate listened to the player base. It shows you looked at the data. It shows you took responsibility for a mistake and apologized. Then you gave us the proposed fix along with some nice gifts. Very responsive, professional, and appreciated.

However…after going on my typical Thursday spending spree, my main and three alts emptied out the Grand Prix vendor, the Merchant Ship, the Guild vendor, Anguished Isle vendor, and all my characters still have rather pitiful quantities of honing materials. Yes, there’s Mari’s shop and the AH, but even so, there’s no point even attempting honing on my main (1340), and my T2 and two T1 alts are not much better off.

Yes, I know there’s new content coming next week to address this issue further. But couldn’t you also buff the quantity of materials that can be purchased from these various vendors we currently have? For example, after emptying the Grand Prix vendor, I still have 4,000 tokens left and nothing to spend them on. What’s the point of giving us an extra 3,000 tokens when they’re essentially useless until the next reset? I also have 40 or so pirate coin chests sitting in my inventory, and likewise no honing mats left to spend them on. After doing my daily tasks, including horizontal stuff, I just log off, knowing there’s really not much I can do. (I have to be in the right frame of mind, considering I have a day job, to do infinite chaos dungeons…).

Again, I’m very appreciative of the effort you’re making, but unless the new content is very, very lucrative for honing mats, it’s still going to be many weeks in the dead zone.


Man idk, i feel like im blowing through pirate coins. Last week i bought T1 mats on all characters (5 total), then i bought T2 mats on all characters that could (4 total) and transferred 2 characters worth to a guildmate, then i bought T3 mats on all that could (2 total) and tonight i get to do it all over again. Then i have to run 2 T2 characters through the tower which is so many leapstones, shards, and stones. I feel that T3 deadzone (although i do feel some sense of progression with Mari) but those T1/T2 purchases are adding up lol.

To be fair i also spent 5000 solar coins on Tragon.

Its honestly that +12-15 range per tier where you start to feel it, but if youve been pacing yourself while doing your daily content, you may not feel that squeeze.