New West European Region Solution

I open this new topic to send an open message to the Lost Ark team and suggest a solution.

I saw lots of comments about the central European server issue and about the players ending on the server which isn’t suitable for their language. I do play from UK so that’s why I understand their issue.

I suggest to the Lost Ark team to allow these players who proven play from West Europe to create accounts and give them ALL the paid benefit they spent on the central account. If the character transfer is not available!
So, if I purchased an Explorer starter pack and a Silver Founder pack, and I have already 3 lvl 50 characters, X amount of silver, X amount of gold, aura, mounts, pets, and a complete 302 lvl T1 gear, etc. The new account receives these all and only need to level the new characters up (power pass should be available from the beginning )
But, to be honest the character transfer would be the best solution.
That is not a solution if you ask the players to keep their paid pack till the new region becomes available. That will cause huge upsets, and I have already experienced this anger.
I am happy to discuss my suggestion with the team to help them make the players happy.

Btw Lost Ark: I LOVE this game!