Newer player feeling discouraged

So im a player who started late and put 12hrs a day into the game for 4 months straight. I loved both the horizontal and vertical progression with the mindset of if i keep going eventually ill catch up.

The thing is my main is at 1462.5 4x3, alts are all at 1385 4x3 (all are Paladins).
The problem im facing is gold, for 3 months now its been do weeklies hone till i run out on reset then grind dailies for the rest of the week.

The only reason i was able to set my alts up in 4x3 was when they banned people for rmting crystals dropped to 400 and i heavily invested all my weekly gold into pheons. And even then i picked fortitude blessed jewelry since it was only 50g a piece and got lucky on a few stones for 6/6 while spending months sniping them for 1 gold on AH

My issue is, I recently sold a neck for 90k and i cant even buy 8 blessed books or afford 2-3 peices of the 5 i would need for a 5x3 not even accounting for pheon cost assuming i got under 20 quality on the 2-3 slots (not one neck in price range under 50k)

With inflation getting so bad, im wondering if the games even worth continuing. I dont feel like ill ever catch up at this point because if i push gear score then i dont progress in any other aspect other than that and books and jewelry continue to go to the moon, pheons and blue crystals have always (other than the 1 week) been to expensive, they have a whole Mari shop then i have never had the option to use, its not like im earning any extra mats to sell im having to put any tradable ones in roster then divy them up for honing when i get the honor shards.

Tbh i love this game, I actually like the grindy aspect, the dailys, story, mechanics, raids, but im falling further and further behind every week, month and not catching up at all. Honestly probably unlucky on honing as ive artisans 26 time in a row on my main now. But hey thats what the pity system if for.

Even as a support i have been unable to find a static, as they are all set up or my 4x3 is not enough or any that i do find just was me as an alternative incase their support is away. (6 groups so far) And i got tired of this waiting to hear from them to see if i had a group so i just pug it every reset day.

Tldr: Im watching inflation rise to the point it will be impossible to progress as an account for a (not ftp but non mega whale player) and if it continues might have to drop the game altogether because i don’t want to waste my time since new players are getting shafted rn


So why can’t you just chill and play the game? Who said you need to buy 20 blessed books on the same day? It is nothing you need to get now. Just chill and do your raids while investing into your alts right now. You should search for a static in the forum or discord. Having 4x3 is more than fine for the current raids. Your playstyle matters though. Get better at all mechanics and nobody will abandon you from their raid group


Falling behind = cant find party when ever you want cuz ppl want exp players = fomo

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Please don’t get discouraged! I have 3 palas and I can tell you that supports don’t need 5x3. You can do everything with less and you probably won’t have any problems getting accepted into parties.

That said, if you want to buy the books, split it. When I was buying mine, I set a goal of 2 a week (back then, their price was way lower than nowadays, though), so try to buy 1 a week or something, in no time you’ll get 20!

Idk which server you’re playing, but in mine pala accs are difficult to find, so I check the auction house daily and I try to optimize my pheons usage, which means holding onto my legendary accs for a while if needed.

The pro tip that I can give you (and that I myself just recently started working on) is to invest on your alts, because they do pay back and increase gold income. Just be careful to not overwork yourself!

Off topic: Any chance u play on EUC Asta?

Anyway, min maxing support is honorable - but by any means not necessary at all. U actually only need 3x3 with the right stats everything else is nice to have but irrelevant for now.

As u are 1460 on ur main u should just do vykass+valtan hm and use the fused leaps for free ups and invest everything else in ur alts. Make 1 by one all 1415 then all 1430 then 1445 so u have more raids = more weekly gold income and the books will be a piece of cake.

My full 6 gold roaster generates min. around 80k per week.

You maybe won’t be able to do Clow week 1 but u will generate more and more if u play this crazy amount of time daylie. The full roaster beefed up is more important than week 1 clown tbh.

As asked above if by any chance u play on EUC Asta I would like to recruit u and help u gear up and don’t loose courage.


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Hey :slight_smile:

First off, you are awesome in your dedication to the game!

Please don’t feel discouraged because you are a little behind.

As a support, you absolutely don’t need 5x3. 4x3 is a good spot to be in.

Regarding your ilvl - stop honing your alts!
You want to funnel everything into your main. Honestly, getting from 1460-1475 (you don’t need to go higher for clown) is very ressource intensive and super expensive.

Once you get there, you can think about getting your alts to 1400, so you can do Argos P3. 1415 if you want to do Valtan instead of Abyssal Dungeon.

This will give you a nice amount of gold to invest into whatever you choose.

You are, of course, totally right that AH/market prices have gone through the roof. Something you can also take advantage of by selling consumables (highest return you’ll get from powder of sage).
Also, selling destruction stones (you don’t need) is a good bet to make some extra gold.

As for finding a static, it takes a while.
More important is to find a nice guild first. Many guilds already run raids and always need another player. Especially more supports!

Best way to do that is using the unofficial LA discord. There you can look for guilds or advertise yourself in the region you are in.
It takes a bit of work, but you’ll find nice people to play with!

Don’t give up!! :slight_smile:


Hes paladin tho, i dont have lvl 3 blessed aura on mine and i still get auto accepted

That’s odd, as a support you don’t really need 5x3, 4x3 is more than enough and you shouldn’t have problems finding parties as a support either, can you show us your build? Engraving and stats.

A for static groups, is easier to join a discord group that plays Lost Ark, you can try also your luck with Guild Recruitment - Lost Ark Forums

And for the gold, yes, the inflation is bad but I think your problem is wanting to buy everything right away, you are basically wasting your gold also the fact that support accessories are the most expensive in the game doesn’t help much either, but then again you don’t need 5x3 unlike a DPS, the only reason you may want relic accessories is for the stats.

You can see how much gold you make here: Lost Ark Helper (you need to configure you roster first in the roster tab).

Also don’t buy the chests unless you still need to complete your relic/argos armor set.

This is what I make with a 1470 bard, 1430 Pally, 1415 Deathblade and 3 alts on 1370.


I would probably invest into leveling my alts to 1415 if I were you


Best ilvl to park your alts is 1430. 1415 is good too ofc but the way to 1430 is not that hard and you gain vykas gold without loosing any gold income :hugs:

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Doing 6 Vykas is just too much work for me xd


i think the best thing you can do atm is to hone your pallys one by one and take full advantage of the honing buff of 1415, they’ll be paying themselves off soon enough, then go for 1430. for the party issue, you’ll find that the higher level the raid is, the more in demand supports are which is why you should invest pushing them. personally i have 2 pallys, a 1460 with 3x3 and a 1430 with 2x3 (lol) and both are still very welcome in raids, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself thinking you need 4x3 on any of them

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People aren’t abandoning me just can’t find anyone who doesn’t already have supports or alt supports they need to run instead so i become the if we have a spot guy instead of the in the spot guy. Mechanically wise i rarely die in any raid except HM Valtan my brain always says counter when he does the dash grab at 22 bars so i always eat it and get knocked off. Otherwise im pretty good, if i make it to ghost phase hitting the counters is a fun bit for me, aside from me doing stuff blind the first week i havnt been kicked from a party XD (No blind parties so i just explained id go blind the 2 runs then watch a video) and was able to figure most mechs out very quickly since most ive already seen in guardian raids.

im honing them as they get honor shards and refuse to buy mats since i need the gold for honing costs anyways

I understand i dont need it but like its the end goal right? Also i have found i can actually get 0-2 support items a week off argos and they normally go for 2-10k so the argos chests have actually been my best non-weekly income + the extra mats and helping build a chaos build (for free basically) most are 3x3 rn just off the argos chests

as for gear

Mains a bit scuffed as i got the 1 extra spec instead of swift drop and figured i’d save the pheons

This is generally the chaos build i go for

Most alts are 4x3 no negatives, same engravings except one has awakening instead of heavy armor which has made me want awakening on all them :face_holding_back_tears:

push those alts to atleast 1400 and do argos on all of them for more gold leaving them at 1385 is a loss and maybe youll get a good drop from argos for even more gold. smart to want to go 5x3 but my main didnt get 5x3 until last week and ive played since day 1 but the demonic books skyrocketed.
only advice get alts to 1400 for argos gold and if you can get a book or 2 a week do it that way if you alts are pally then youll get in groups pretty easily you can also sell some gems that are extra and just keep grinding argos gold for a few weeks and youll have what you need before you know it

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Unfortunately, I’m on NA East Karta.

I hope u didn’t invest much in ur pala. Fortitude and heavy armor are quite bad engravings for u.

Awakening - blessed - expert are must have everything else is nice to have but mostly irrelevant. U know why heavy armor and fortitude is useless? Ur a paladin so u are from nature more tanky than most classes. So if u boost ur tankyness than ur even more tanky but u can’t carry shit. So if to much dps decide to jump down or get slapped to death by vykass u need to restart anyways. So it’s irrelevant how much tanker u get the raid will restart anyways.



I got those because it was cheap to set up at the time and i figured id get (5x3) to replace it later on. Current plans are heavy armor, vital point, awakening, blessed aura, expert. Honestly i like being hella tanky it allows me to tank hits and focus more on clutch godsent laws and watch for allies animations for the dps buffs, i have noticed that i rarely fall below 40% hp because of them and if i do i have blessed aura up in about 10 seconds so i never use a HP pots in a raid which is super nice since it save me the gold when i get a 8hr long pug on valtan/vykas and can host in learning parties (more to teach) and not have it drain resources.

My alts all have the heavy armor fortitude blessed expert 4x3 set up so even when they were 1370 (think i had to use 1 5g hp pot in P3) people would take em into P3 after about 1-2hr of trying (to find a party) and i could go deathless aside from the pizza in P2 1 shotting me if i got animation locked but now that they are 1385+ they have no problem finding groups and going deathless and ive noticed that i usually will get picked over the 1400+ supports for the main party in p3 just due to my play and usually my party wont ever fall below 80% hp because i chain shields and damage reduction based on patterns + im able to call and ping mechs.

They have been doing Argos P3 since they were 1370 every week no carry, id take me 30min-2hrs to find a party usually per but i got em though, and usually when i was in the same group would take me again if doing multiple runs since i could go deathless even at 1370 usually other then getting animation lock right as a pizza comes in p2 for the 120k one shot.

But now they have no problem finding argos groups and usually get accepted if its not set to 1400+ argos speed run lobbies for giga chads only

should prob drop fortitude for something actually usefull :joy: