Newest update causing crashing and other issues

Numerous streamers have had bsods with the lastest update, notably on launch and after long play periods.

My PC temps have risen considerably. Before the latest update my CPU would sit at 62-64c, now it’s sitting at 66-68c with Lost Ark running.

Please look into performance issues


Yup. Came here to see if I wasn’t alone. Been playing since launch and hadn’t had a crash till this morning. A few seconds after clicking ‘Launch’ in Steam, I get BSOD Blue Screen. First couple of crashes were just pointing to the Nvidia Display driver but third time I got:

What failed: EasyAntiCheat.sys```

Game files Validated fine. Rolling back display drivers hasn’t fixed it. Also ran stress tests in 3D Mark and got through those without incident. About to do Memtest and Sfc Scannow. 

: (

must be an issue with the new windows update