Because there is ALOT of people who don’t know about this. Because you can’t report cross server in any other form.
You still cant block the person you report using this method i explained, because it gives that error message of them being in another server. But yet, the message (Your report was submitted) also shows up.

If you don’t want to help, don’t bother. But im sure there are many people who do want to. Even if they arent posting on these forums.

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dude your reports do absolutely nothing to the bots. they get banned they come back triple the numbers so what did you achieve exactly? nothing. so i don’t know why you think it’s worth wasting your time reporting them. that’s like the few people who are camping the islands and killing the bots for hours instead of play the game thinking they’re doing something effective against the bots. no you’re only wasting your own time while thinking that you’re doing something effective. might be just delusion or whatever… but hey good luck with it.

People need to be more positive. And Believe that this can be stopped.

Obviously im not a developer. But hey, they gave me these report features. They have real people look at the reports. Im going to use them. :+1:

Looks like something is working here everyone. I dont know what else to tell you.

Isnt this a multiboxer? Not a bot? :thinking:

i rather report toxic players than bots

Congratulations on your new rent-free home.

i guess you’ve never heard of multiboxing. oh well… enjoy false reporting people and accusing them of being bots for multiboxing? you think bots are going to write something about you personally for saying something to them? do you know that bots are programs and not human being standing on the PC controlling them all the time? bots never reply to you no matter what you say… but it’s too hard to understand that right? :woman_shrugging:

MB not allowed in LOA so.

I know but that explains the response and shouldnt be proof of him dealing anything against bots :sweat_smile:

“false” reporting, true.
But rightfully reportet as MB is bannable too.

here you go… how’s it bannable again? it’s not like you’re using a bot program.

and multiboxing is not against tos and never been mentioned to be against tos. so go figure how you people call things the way you do and consider them report worthy… just like this OP calling it botting without understanding what is he talking about. thinking bots will reply to him lmao

She anwear a question regarding multible people play from same computer/household.

Try linking stuffs without a context. Why didnt you link when she state that YOU are not allowed to have mulitable accounts in LOA?

How can you mulitbox with one account? LMAO.

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show me the TOS where it says Multiboxing is not allowed please. go ahead i can wait

@Roxx Now we allowed to have multible acocunt and multiboxing? Something changed last few months or?

This person is claiming so.

i just asked you to show me where in the TOS it says multiboxing is not allowed. imagine something not being allowed but yet being used by players? and they’re not banned for doing so? yeah that’s definitely not allowed. right? you don’t seem too smart do you now?

2+2=7 gotcha :rofl:

1 + 1 = 0 gotcha!

Multiboxing is 100% against the TOS if you are using the correct term here.

Multiboxing referrs to using multiple clients on the same system with tools to forward your inputs to all clients simultaneously - or using multiple PCs with shared inputs. It is basically the same as botting and will absolutely get you banned if you are investigated. The reason it is against the TOS is that it requires the usage of third party software to forward inputs. It’s literally cheating lol

Additionally you are misquoting roxx there. For context that post is in response to:

to which roxx replied with the post you shared a screenshot of (btw don’t do that - context is key - just link to the actual post)

In otherwords - you may have more than 1 account playing from the same computer but not at the same time. Also if it is found that you are the owner of both accounts they may take action against you for that as well.

The actual answer to the thread in question was given by former community moderator @Azanaa

If you see a player that is running multiple clients in sync you should report them.


Pretty sure you’ve always been able to report cross server, but you can’t block cross server.