New/More Skin in the Shop schedule question

Hello, i know there are far more important things to worry or give attention to,
this post is just me asking/wondering when will we get more Skin in the Shop?
pretty sure i can talk for everyone when i say i’m tired of my yellow Sorceress Dress Tier 1, and the 2 skins in the shop are not really that much better in my opinion ofc.

Anyway thanks for the awesome game.

No news yet and everyone in power is pretty tight lips :pleading_face:

I am wondering the same thing but I got all the darn skins available already including the 70k rapport! Zzzz

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Bigger issues atm to solve.

Great question! Seeing as how this game is not developed by AGS directly, and the one game they have developed has failed; one would wonder what it is exactly that AGS is doing that is causing them to drag their feet on this. EU servers are still a mess and it’s Smilegate’s job to develop the transfer system.

I mean just coming out and saying “xxx skin will be coming in such a such timeframe” would be better than the current dead silence.