Next Bot Banwave

I love this game so much… But I really hope tomorrow, the next ban-wave will happen

Its so immersion breaking seeing dozens of bots in Vern on every Channel, in every zone… and all of them berzerkers… and all of them with nonsensical Character names… and some of them even have some kind of broken animation, so that even when they are standing still, their character makes the walking animation… its so DISGUSTING to look at…

I mean, couldnt these A&&holes who make and run those bots at least be kind enough to use some kind of phantasy name generator, use different classes and at least TRY to disguise themselves… i know, i am rambling and this is very much wishful thinking, but this is actually INSANE man… :frowning:

It seems the trusted steam account measures that were taken on last patch didnt solve anything… and those BASTARDS found other ways… -.- i am so mad right now… sorry


Sure, might catch the odd player… but ban waves are utterly pointless against gold sellers when they’re raking in profits against the time it takes to ban them. To tackle gold sellers you need to rid the bots before they can make a buck, which evidently these game companies cba to bother doing with an active approach.


Not only did the trusted steam account thing not work, it made the bot problem worse. I see more bots now than i ever did before their big fix.


They need to start Banning RMTers and do it publicly. Banning bots is only cutting leaves on a tree that keeps growing, they need to take out the roots of the problem.

Also they need to implement systems that track automated gameplay and detect 3rd party software in your system. It s 2022 don t tell me you don t have the knowledge or the manpower to do it that s a blatant lie. If they cant achieve this I see a dead ark and this comes from a player that really loves this game.

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They can do this easily, in fact it works quite well, the problem is people start complaining that the devs are trying to get all your personal info to sell, just look at the controversies around CSGO and Valorant about it.

Yep, the root of the problem is people buying the gold, just make videos of 1400IP people getting banned and losing all their progress is what I think

They can easily track gold sales to players with trades from temp characters of gold sellers… long suspend/ban them.

Still those games are flourishing especially Valorant so I don t see a reason not to take the risk.

Apart from gold sellers people are using 3rd party software or macros to grind chaos dungeons to infinity without putting any effort while becoming extremely rich.

Yeah I don’t see an issue with it myself, I get the people who care about their privacy but in reality, their info has almost certainly been leaked dozens of times already and these companies (Smilegate) likely wont take the risk.

I’ve separated all my chats in different tabs so now I only see Area and Whisper if I want, their rant doesn’t get to me anymore :smiley:

They rather let us suffer than dig into their profits. Too bad for them there are a ton of other games to play.

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We are going to lose more people because of how easy it is to cheat. Most people wouldnt even know about their privacy being leaked and many more would take the risk. We would lose like 900 in 10.000 cause of privacy (max) but I see us losing 9.000 out of 10.000 cause of botting.

Is it easy to cheat? Where I can find how? :smiley: I kid I kid :smiley:

People are livestreaming cheating without being punished just do a small research and you are ready to go.

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Tell me more :smiley:

How about some link for the streamers :smiley:

It is included to the post.