Next class release

Not hardmode, but I wouldn’t expect to be pugging Hardmode anyway when you can’t even get a competent group for normal so both are unrealistic, with or without supports.

If you have a team that can dodge all skills, have enough health and other pots it’s doable, ofcourse its harder but that’s up to how good you are at the game.

Ilvl also plays a great role, there are just not many hc players who can do that. Most are casuals. Legendary raids are just not for everyone as develophers said.

I want the artist released soon as much as you since myslef have paladin for the main and bard as an alt. But I believe ASG needs to change the artist model to mature lady or male model before release.

Given ASG has a tracking record of designing revealing clothing for female models, I cannot image some middle-age dude on Twitch Tv plays artist in bikini-like colthing. some1 tells me this is not creepy at all…

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In normal you dont need suports i agree but in hardmode you will have a realy bad time without supports… you can always out gear the content of course but most players just got to 1445 for release…

Its not creepy at all, you just need to stop contextualizing her in such kind of portrait lol…

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I just saw it…

They are ignoring our feedback.

Artiste > ALL

Unless there are new mechanics (which i don’t think there are?) then I don’t see why you would need them? If you get hit you fall off the side anyway regardless of shields, so why would a support be necessary?

Ohh its hard to realise that people want to play with a desired class too, its just normal to see someone asking for whatever class they want to play… its just normal… But wooo “WE DONT NEED THE CLASS THAT YOU WANNA PLAY” <<< you guys are so hipocrite

Its just my experience from clearing hardmode. Im sup main and we tried with only suport in 1 party a few times but the chances of enough people surviving to ghost phase went down alot and the party without support had to use like 4x as many potions…
And when we get the set done the dmg loss of not having a support will be to big to not bring us to…

But what were they getting hit by? On the failed attempts we had people were not dying from damage, more so they were just falling to their deaths.

What new mechanics does hard more introduce that would consititute as unavoidable damage? In last weeks run I didn’t even need to use a single potion…

Ofc they are lmao what did you expect.

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sad as fu**

What class are you btw? If you are not a gunlancer you must be a preaty good player if you clear valtan without potions… kind of weird that such a chad gamer is only at normal tho but ok… and you do realise that he has a bunch of random moves right? And they all hurt alot… and some of the mechs makes you most likely take some dmg…


I will talk about my experience

I tried to do the Valtan Gate1 several times with a “only dps” pt
“we dont need sup”
man, I lost 30-40 elemental potions… and we didnt make it…

In a PT with 2 sups, we made it in 2-3 attempts

He doesn’t have any random moves? all of his moves are scripted.

We’re not talking about Gate 1 here, i’m talking about Gate 2 exclusively. The entire fight is telegraphed.

I play full swiftness Sharpshooter and am my guild’s raid leader so we only do Normal to cater to more people.

Hahaha bro you havent even done valtan nice troll tho… xD

The Gate2 never tried only dps, even with sup its not that easy

Stop acting like people have to play like pros, we are not robot

=/ It’s sad that people think they know things about other players to be honest. Valtan is a stupidly easy boss that barely moves. GL at Brelshaza is all I can say my dude. I’m guessing you were one of the ones who thought Argos pizza mech was hard too, right?