Next Class releases

What do you think the next classes releasing are and what ones do you want out of all unreleased classes to come out?

I loved arcana in RU so I want arcana, painter, destroyer, and reaper to come out to round out the rest of my roster. Maybe lancemaster.

No one want to play arcana, it is the least wanted class from all strawpoll.
Lancemaster should be first with 30+% playerbase wanting it


I want to play arcana, I played it a tonne in kr as my main, so you don’t speak for everyone


5-8% of the playerbase want to play arcana, vs 30-35% lance master.
I speak for the most that’s all

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You have to remember that the forums usually consist of the vocal minority, statistics here aren’t accurate as you may believe. I think lots of people still think lancer master op as f*** and don’t know about the lance master nerfs and just want it because of some old tier lists.

I am all for lance master getting released tomorrow, I want no class but LM,though saying no body wants x class, or x class is more important, is just not mature and not right.


You’re speaking for a minority that voted on the poll, if that was a representative of the entire playerbase, 5-8% is still over 100 thousand players

So I don’t think your point is valid and I do not think you speak for everyone


You shut your mouth, don’t listen to him. Everyone loves and wants to play Arcana
Edit: it is a joke.

Yeah okay but is obvious that less people want to play an RNG mediocre class than a already OP one

It isn’t op anymore in KR though and as a fighter class it will prolly suck in the current low gear level we have. Can’t wait for all the “buff lancer” posts.

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Destroyer for Sure


I’d love scouter but I won’t be surprised to see scouter and lancemaster pushed far down the line and spread from each other to fill gaps in hype.

Based on what they’ve said destroyer and arcana will be next, I could see summoner since it was technically supposed to be on release, but maybe they had issues with it and thats why they swapped, who knows.

just the reddit post is over 35k+ vote lol

That is still about 10% if not less of whole player base

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Personally I would like to try out Scouter and Destroyer so whatever they decide to release is ok with me.

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Bro we get it, you want to play lance master but don’t push a narrative that everyone wants to because of some rando straw poll

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Looking forward to Lancemaster, crossing my fingers it’s not a 3 month+ wait!

Destroyer coming in June because they gotta drip feed content

Never :joy: it will be the first one because they will hold back the popular classes for a New Population boom when the game is dead

nice troll, I played arcana in KR and RU and look forward to playing it again

Just an FYI - if 5% was really 100k people that would mean there’s 2million players… which is 10x the daily amount so I’d say it’s a little less than that total