Next class when?!?!?!

When will we get infos about next class release, also when will you let us know if we have to hold this PP+Express cause work as for reap/summ that share it, or if the new class will have his own free PP+Express?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Do we have to w8 till last day of april or what?!?!?!?!?!


next month with new roadmap


I want to know if we have to hold this joke buss cause is shared with next class coming or if i can use it to make a lopang alt cause new class will have his pass

Let’s address feedback respectfully Izana! I googled PP and didn’t end well, what do you mean with that?

i think it should be 1 class every 3 months, so aeromancer will be here in june when the express ends.
It’s not shared if i have to say

Official info would be nice, a random “I think” unfortunately doesn’t help

you will have official news next month, not now ofc so idk why you guys are even asking

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ur telling me nothing that i know already, id like any official reply, not a “think” from a mod wanna be user, no flame, peace.

roxx is on vacation and you will not get any official news so your post is useless in the 1st place, i tried to help live with that

There are no other forum mods that know an answer?

we had only 1 for 13 months now, she is on vacation and ags can’t afford any more i guess. Not that she was able to give concrete answers in the past anyways.
Even if Roxx was here she woulnd’t know anything, cause they didn’t even start to work on the new roadmap

stop digging your own grave, they’re obviously just a bunch of trolls

Didn’t see his account was made 20 min ago hahaha :clown_face:

Every single other class release had info if the next class can be used in the current express or not, every single one, don’t see why not this one.

also there is @ShieldMaiden @Maselbart and probably others that are decently active here who could give some info.

We already know a roadmap is likely coming end of April, we already know the class release order from KR, thats not what the question is.

You are right on this one but past release were closer 1 with another that’s why.

Nah, you’re just the next kid crying for an answer while you and me both know if there’s no pass you’ll buy one from the store anyway because you’re too lazy to wipe your own ass.

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still dont get why clueless ppl are getting mad on a legit question

We really need other support after artist, big support shorttage and i cant run my valtan normals every week.
I don’t care about these dps, too many of them.