Next Raid Progression

Once the new raid (Valtan?) comes out… will we need to progress through Argos first in order to get to current content or can we just got to Valtan once we have the right ilvl?

Im currently near 1340 and don’t think will see Argus as current content and was thinking of just parking here until the next raid tier (and lvl some alts) and then power through hopefully once honing changes are made… but if I need to run Argos for a few weeks to get the gear (which is what I am reading online) before Valtan then seem a bit pointless as will just be behind again…

Feels like this could turn into and endless race of trying to reach current content for those who are not hardcore/whales/got ahead early… if thats the case, fair enough but would just like to know so I dont waste my time… yh yh I know, I can progress at my own pace… and stay forever broke… no thanks.

You can get 5 legendary items from hard abbysal + argos in the first week. So you need at least 2 weeks.

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