Next roadmap, date

Literally answering your own question.
They’ve never announced a roadmap more than a week in advance, just be patient. You will know when they do because people will be wildin’ on the forums…

I am asking if there are any new updates on the matter

I’m aware of what you’re asking.

and I can still ask, it hurts no one to ask

and I can’t wait for the forum explosion when the date is released

You certainly can, I never stated otherwise, I simply offered an answer, which you provided yourself.

Don’t know what else to tell you, but those are synonymous. Once the date is announced, people will flood the forums about it.

somebody is high on artist hopium

No new updates yet, looking towards end of December but working through December update content atm


are you working between christmas and new year? can we expect the roadmap to release inbetween or afterwards?

Id take an educated guess and say that they will be having a break for christmas to new years.

And they are entitled to it, cant wait to see the forums catch fire because they go on break over the Holiday period.

ty <3

can only hope :slightly_smiling_face:


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roadmap probably after december patch maybe one week or few days before christmas be ready to have ayaya for a western audience

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I’m excited to know too, as long as artist is on the roadmap xD if she’s not I’m probably gonna go off.

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sei no



you mean, cant wait to see the forums catch fire because the servers literally caught fire over the break since they have no one on staff?

LOL people just don’t learn… They will post it when it’s ready it happens EVERY time just wait and you’ll get the info you want!

when is NA merge?

havent heard anything forever NA needs it ASAP

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