Next roadmap will break the community

Don’t know about you guys but I do think the next June/July(or could even be June-July-August from what I heard) roadmap will finally break the community, or at least to those who are still waiting on the class they want. Let’s say the next roadmap includes all 3 months(June/July/August) with 3 new classes, and your class STILL doesn’t even come out within that timeframe, that basically means waiting at least another 4-5 months from now for the September/October roadmap. And on top of that, you better pray they don’t even delay those roadmaps either, which would mean even more wait time lmao.

At this point, most people have played the waiting game long enough, and this drip feeding tactic by AGS has gone beyond ridiculous. 4-5 months from now will be more than double the amount of time the game has already came out(2.5 months as of now). It’s just pure torture at this point to those who have been waiting on their classes since day 1. Kind of just wish they would give us the 2 class per month treatment or just release them all from the get-go. Also the fact that we didn’t even get anything in March was also a slap in the face imo. It would’ve been nice if we had gotten a class in March to not only get a headstart, but would balance out the remaining 5 classes with a remaining 4 by now, making it a balanced 2-2 class release rather than a remaining 3-2 or 2-3. No matter what comes out next, it will cause an inevitable outrage. The only thing each of us can do now is hope and pray that the class we want doesn’t get the short end of the stick.


True facts same with skins


Incoming posts about entitlement


Let’s say if KR has 30 skins, and we get 1 per month, it takes us 3 years to catch up… It’s just crazy


it takes 2years and 6 months

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There are 2 things that people need to understand

They wont release more than 1 class/month

Artist will be one of the last ones to come out (confirmed by CM)


and thats if kr does not release anything new for the next 3 years lmao


Yeah… 1 class a month is going to be brutal for the unlucky ones. If you have to main swap when Abrelshud is out, even Hyper Express is not going to save you from so much pain then. Basically getting punished for not having good enough luck to get your class released first or for liking a class that isn’t in the game.

And it will happen to some subset of people if we are going to go to October just to release some classes. Some subset of people are going to lose so hard, and they’ll probably be damn angry and bitter at not just AGS but other classes and players that got in before them too.


It will probably be a deciding factor for SOME of the community, like every roadmap/content update has been. But it’s not like the game will suddenly self implode at this point. How long will the game have to survive before the doomers stop saying its about to die at any moment, I wonder? I think there’s a misconception that if a game is dying for you it must be dying for everyone else as well… that’s just not true in almost any case cited. Anyway, as with all content updates and roadmaps, clear communication, timeliness, and the content itself will all be of critical importance to its execution. There will be people who leave and there will be people who stay, and even people who start due to hype. Like every update so far. And there will be doomers. Unfortunately.

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All i know is i better get my bikini


Those who wanted their “Mains” and wouldn’t wait are already gone.

Most of the remaining who haven’t received their favorite class are most likely staying and yeah, some will leave. People need to understand 1 class a month is almost set in stone, SGR idea, said by the head guy, was 1 class every 2-3 months and shadow_fox has already mentioned most of these decisions are taken by SGR.

The longer people understand that, the less they are gonna waste their time waiting. Better return when the class is announced or else no worries, no point playing a game that isn’t giving you fun nor satisfactions at the level you are looking for.


If they release June / July with anything less than 2 classes per month, Consider me gone. I refuse to wait 6 months for Scouter.


99% chance it won’t happen.

if they do 2 months roadmap with 2 class releases they will probably lose lot of players, highly doubt ill keep playing if i dont see reaper on the roadmap


Just need more skins ;d, feel like floor master class is probably gonna be added in the summer, gonna be seeing a lot of dead bodies!

They are constantly “listening to feedback” yet did not alter the original roadmap’s class release speed. Despite it being one of the biggest points of contention. If they really care about feedback and data they would publicly show the data and do polls and then explain why they cant do said thing.


I am kind of waiting for artist. Having only 2 support classes is super boring. It would also help with the lack of supports in general. Right now there are argos groups that pay supports to actual lure them into their groups, while others have to wait for hours.


Yeah this, I main bard, and have paladin and gunlancer alt. I need more alts and don’t want to make 3 bards.

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Next roadmap will just be copy pasted replies on the same existing concerns or issues. Plus a roadmap that isn’t at least a 6 months ahead of time with how much content this game already has in other regions, is kind of meme.

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It’s ok, I needed the break anyway :wink:

LM “freshness” wore off quicker than I thought for me. I think I have one foot out of the door as it stands. Just need the push to go ahead and put this game aside :sweat_smile: