Next time do better please

I know it’s as you said, 16h maintenance as scheduled ,but if you know that at least EUC will take longer because it’s one of the biggest regions NEXT TIME start the process earlier instead of starting at the same time as NA. Maintenance is always in the prime EU time while in NA is when most people are asleep.

Next time be more considerate of EU people. Thanks


Gotta love how Trevzor the other CM simultaneously closed and locked a thread about the EU maintenance time while saying they’re open to discussion involving all aspects of Lost Ark, that’s AGS communication in a nutshell.

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Just start the maintenance at 12am who tf plays at night anyway

Let’s say people play at midnight too. Some do, but they literally have the data about player traffic and can start when it’s the least on average. Doesn’t even take a genius to figure this stuff.

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EU player are second class customers.

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2nd class? Maybe 3rd is the better term

Not regarding this situation, the time issue of maintenance was already talked by a lot of people when the game released, because some people only have time to play in the morning and the weekly maintenance goes till 1/2pm in a normal week.

I feel like maintenance times should be a bit different depending on the regions instead of it being at the same time only favoring NA timezone.

4th class to say the least. we are behind NA, SA and EUW… xD

Let’s say lowest class in case here will be more region releases… Just to be sure.

prob their staff work 7-18? I honestly dont know their shifts but I will assume they do not have staff working at night unless is something they can do from home like a minor patch or something like emergency restart of the server.