Next time put monthly patchs on PTR

This is a constructive & necessary suggestion for next monthly updates.
Put the patch on PTR server a week before so people can test.

With this last patch lot of issues show that the build was never tested, handed from SG over to AGS or whatever and then we got it. No idea why it was even delayed while it never got test.

Anyway these issues would’ve been detected early & fixed before the actual patch:

  • punika knowledge transfer
  • engravings missing from books from express event
  • express event working on a character > 1000 ilevel
  • the ark pass default choice when you claim all (auto chose first once)

And many other stuff could’ve been discovered that way before.

bump for visibility

Not sure why a bump? They won’t answer you just to tell you they read it.

From my perspective, they probably tested, but not enough.
In my eyes their whole schedule has to change, and they went in unprepared from the beginning. They should have a PTR cycle of 3-4 weeks, and should have started doing it one month before the global release. After global release and after 3-4 weeks of testing on PTR, they will mark it as “release ready” and start a new PTR cycle, while preparing the launch of the patch for global servers and test on PTR the next cycle for 3-4 weeks.

Meanwhile it feels like they have like 1-2 weeks time, and struggle to make it in time because they need to release unless they have to delay, which causes backlash.

The first things that will be tested when such a patch will go on PTR are new features which are express event & ark pass. You won’t tell general stuff or existing ones. So it’s easily detectable that it’s not working as intended or advertised.

Except that it’s not the only features that the patch contains…
Also many things can be intertwined and affect each other. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not that “easy”. That’s why I suggest they need more time.

It can only have good things, to help test. Nothing will be lost or damaged anyway.