NIa Server Went Down - Lost Out


I was in Valtan on the second gate when Nia server went down on 15th Dec. We never completed it, however it shows completed. I have not received any of the “expected rewards” that would have been dropped when completing, nor did I receive any fused leapstone. I have given it 2 days to see if a ticket would have been reissued and the “completed” removed so I can run the second gate, and obtain the above, however to date this has not happened.

Looking forward to your response, thanks!

better try talking with support, forum cant help you just say the system is automated or contact support directly

We apologise you were disconnected and lost your entry count. Unfortunately if you have not received a reimbursement ticket by this time, then the automated system did not see you as eligible for a re-entry ticket.

You can contact our support with the link below.