Nia Villiage "Could not connect to game"

Minutes after making fun of a guild mate who got this error when in Nia Village, I switched to a toon that was last left there and immediately got kicked to char select screen with the same message. Can’t select that toon play but all other toons OK. Anyone else have this issue? Will restart game but thought it was weird we both got this.

Hello there @Deathshadow, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m sorry to hear about your character being locked behind the loading screen! I will gladly assist you, all I need is:

Character name:
Server name:

With this information I can move your character!

Thank you!

Character name: Angeliquebard
Servername: Rohendel
Region: NAW

My guild mate who has the same issue:

Char name: Satarina, same server and region. Thank you!

For the record, restarting the game didn’t help.

@Deathshadow I have successfully moved your character, please try to log in with your character and let me know if you are able to!

I’m working on your friend’s character now!


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@Jormungandrh Worked for me! I guess you really did “move” my toon since I’m now in Pridehome. Asking friend to test as well.

He submitted a support ticket but the analyst who picked that up keeps disconnecting him and now he gets “account have been restricted due to violations of our code of conduct” Please help!

Yes @Deathshadow I’m encountering problems to move your friend’s character, so if they have submitted a ticket I recommend that they follow the instructions provided by the specialist.


@Jormungandrh Broke again. After loading into Pridehome, tested using bifrost to Nia Villiage. That worked ok. Switch to toon in Kalaja and then back to Nia - got kicked back to char select with the same error.

No worries, I will move your character again, is it the same one or different one?

And probably don’t access the area in the meanwhile so we can try to gather information.


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Friend in pridehome and is now gun-shy about visiting nia villiage again. :rofl:

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Yes, same character. THANK YOU!

@Deathshadow all done! You character is back in Pridehold!

Let me know if you need anything else! :smiley:


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Confirmed, back in Prideholme - thank you! FYI, another guildy was brave enough to test. He had no issues FWIW. Thank you again and please enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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