Nice AGS as F2P i want to say ty,Neria EU GVG unplayble cause RMT user

How amazing you are amazon when you say * we dont want something like yoz jar cause are something only for people who can shop* and then you are NOT banning a single RMT user,this multiple guild with people over 1500 are dominating island. HOW F2P CAN COMPETE WHIT THEM IF U DONT BAN NOT A SINGLE RMT? you are not banning them cause i know some people who actualy play and rmt. So what are you doing amazon?


All I hear is that these people are potential spenders $$$ and you aren’t and they should be banned.

To that I say no.

not like gvg rewards are that impactful lmfao actually crying over nothing

this people are using RMT service from day 1 and everyone know that.

ok prove it

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only 450k gold a week, no big deal yeah

split between every guild member at the cost of 450k bloodstones to host the event. yeah its actually not that much in the grand scheme of things

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just bann any rmt period :stuck_out_tongue:

they will not ban a single one of sad

well than i m allowed to be angry till they bann me :stuck_out_tongue:


Not every high level player is a third party rmt player right away. Stop being jealous of people with insane luck, a high amount of dedicated playtime since release, or enough money for the royal crystal to gold conversation.

I’m not sorry to say that but you should be thankful about the paying whales as “f2p” cause they pay the server for you after all.

In a very high ranked guild all lvl 10 gems max glvl which is physical impossible to get legit right now.

So you’re clueless and I’m saying that as an actual fat whale vs RMT’ers you LITERALLY can not get lvl 10 gems as a fat whale at the current moment it’s a 400$ spend cap nor is it possible to to max ilvl with that cap unless that person does 400$ every single day even then it’s not even close.

You clearly don’t spend enough or lack in playtime or knowledge about the game.
Sure some player are rmt players, not all of them tho.

People had lvl 10 gems and high IL months ago before the bot pandemic became a thing.
Everything was even more expensive during the time as is.

You literally can’t get level 10 gems all 11 right now even if you tried like I don’t think you understand 400$ per day isn’t going to give you a step to be max ilvl and max all lvl 10 gems that’s what GVG is and my guild ALL lvl 10 gems ALL max ilvl.

YOU don’t have any experience in anyway shape of form of what an RMT’er is or a whale or a dolphin for that matter stay out of the line.

Even THEY say you can’t do it why do you think they RMT? Because It’s impossible with a 400$ cap and I’ve reported a couple as it is will they get banned? Who knows 3 days perma whatever the case is A WHALE CAN’T DO THAT get that through your skull.

I think someone was spouting about how much gold someone could make if they bought gold from in game at $400 spending limit per day and it’s 11million ish gold, maybe a little more now

So its possible, but very unlikely someone’s been spending the daily limit cap, every day for about 138 days.

The materials alone going from 21-25 weapon is about 4-5million gold, not including juicing material cost.

Again, possible some super whales are doing it, spent easily $55k, but that’s like the .01%. Most are RMTing and were spending a quarter of that, 1mil gold was as low as $500 at onepoint, 11x cheaper to get that 11million gold. People of all ilvls have been buying RMT, its evidenced by the amount of bots we had. Even bots had delivery videos of sending amounts as low as 50k gold… that was like $20 at one point.

Its actually entirely possible to get level 10 gems with a 400 dollar cap. Not every damage gem needs to be bought off market… when i had 0 level 10 gems i figured the gamble was worth since i could use either damage or cooldown and simply just chanced the 50/50 after buying 27 level 7 gems. After i was getting to the point where i needed only 1 more damage, at the time it was 2 days worth of daily cap for me to purchase the cheapest one and then reroll with silver from there. A cooldown is the value of a daily cap. It took me 2 and a half weeks and every alt i had running lopang to get full 10 gems using the royal crystal conversion but yes i agree that both max ilvl and level 10 gems is more than likely rmt, with small chances that its a person who has been max swiping since launch, i know of only one person who has done this and they arent even close to max ilvl but they do have a very jacked roster

I can understand the gem 10 part, but full gem 10 plus full +25 is very high chance of being RMT even if you are doing it every single day.

I think I saw a few and they really need to be checked.

Especially if it’s multiple people. Like 16 people with 1550+ and full 10gems, yeah there is 100% some RMT inside that.

But OP has not mentionned that, only 1500+ item level which is not that big of a whaling even using legit cash shop. So idk…

Plus there are 3 island that are raw PvP, I suggest you to focus on that A tier island if you want to fairness, as the whale will mostly focus on Medeia and the other S one. If whales are fighting on the A tier one as well, when then RIP. I told you that GvG was p2w (real p2w here) already, you knew what it was.

If you want some fair PvP wait for Rohen, that one has item level normalization (not engrave tho)

Uhhhh. The bot pandemic was literally from the beginning.

No i m def Not thankful Playing a cheating MMO.