Nice job. less players - dead faster

my friend is a grinder from restricted region. he spend 50$ total in cash shop (only i know).
but still he like this game and playing fair.
and suddenly they ve changed something and he can’t play with good ping anymore. only through some not famous VPN with 150 min ping and spikes to thousands.
what i want to say here. he is thinking about leaving the game. real player vykas hard ready.
and VPN still working for him but not playable for a real player. bots dont care about 150+ ping.
very good job. best game i’ve ever played getting killed so fast by ags.

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Yea our version sucks
they updated easy anti cheat and now i get random blue screens on start up sometimes


same here, and they decide not answer to players. @Roxx amazon and smilegate must answer if they cant do their job you can’t even fight with bots you just ruined normal player