Nice maint. worst time ever?

Seems like whenever I want to play, there is maintenence. I love how they do the night-time maint. just when you know… a lot of people are still playing. So stupid, why not do it during the GD day when you know… nobody is on? I know someone will always complain about downtimes whenever they are but night time is never a good time. Too many people play at night, days are freakin deserted. Especially like 10 or 11am - 3 - 4pm. I love this game, but my god, I can’t stand so many days completely wasted. I literally play from 3am - 7am EST. That’s exactly when the maint is so I miss the ENTIRE day. It just makes me want to QQ irl. I know I’m wasting my time posting this but I wish Amazon would listen :expressionless:

Bro for me its 9AM and maintaince sucks yeah, dont complain about night time when i have no daytime to play in.

Hate to break it to you, but the early AM hours are what the vast majority of the IT industry uses as their maintenance window because that is when you have the lowest level of customer impact. It sucks for you (and me too, as a night shift worker in the Central time zone) that it lines up with your play time, but putting it at “10 or 11 AM to 3 or 4 PM” would impact many more people and it isn’t even remotely close. Take a look at Steamcharts, can’t argue with tracked statistics.

Ok or at least wait until there is something that actually needs a hotfix. IE: Breaking the game enough to need a hotfix. These issues aren’t big enough. We are getting ‘hot fixes’ every freaking day. The time zone issue… a minor issue if I’ve ever heard one. Easily compensated for. They shouldn’t be so quick to bring down the entire server for FOUR hours. As long as the game runs and it doesn’t destroy the economy, it can wait.

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That, you and I can fully agree on, especially since many games roll hotfixes out while servers are live these days, only going fully down for large patches - taking servers down for hours for a hotfix is archaic…