Nice maintenance during OCE prime time

Work all day, get home, yay maintenance in 20 mins lets go, give us OCE servers and give each region their own maintenance time…


You get no love from EU at least, you guys have had it easy compared to what we’ve been through.

honestly i think if we had our own servers and werent forced to play on NA ones we prob would have the same issues.

Even if you had OCE servers, there’s no guarantee that they would stagger maintenance. Seeing how EU has the same maintenance times as US.

que pesao

yea , im thinking more even tho we aint got as many players as EU , our server hosting capabilities suck especially if amazon are behind em, so theres that lel

In EU we get the maintenance during our “Game works” time … When we can log in in less than 3 hours, and match making actually works.

Living the second class citizen high life for years now. STO, Neverwinter? Maintenance during EU prime time was a given :smiley: Same with FFXIV, really. As long as the actual people behind resets and maintenance are in the continental US, we probably won’t get staggered times. You wouldn’t want to wake up at 3 am either, to patch a server.

ooo do EU servers also get trade skill time for a few hours and by that i mean matchmaking dies in the ass, some of the NA servers do that also lol. i have come to believe that is the time bezo’s gets home and jumps on the hub

Correct. All Server will go down Worldwide on US Office hours. Having them localized won’t change a thing.

It isnt that easy. AGS likely only got rights to the game for Europe, NA and South America and we dont know if they or SmileGate are even interested in going through all the legal steps for AGS to get rights for OCE. AGS doesn’t have rights in Korea or Russia either and likely won’t ever get those due to pre-existing agreements SmileGate have with others. If SmileGate chose to license in OCE they may pefer other alternatives. Its not as easy as AGS throwing up servers around the world and acting like they own the game rights everywhere.

I haven’t seen any indication that AGS has any rights to create OCE servers. Im not sure we will get an answer on that either since CM’s probably dont have contracts in their wheelhouse

Its better now than at reset.

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U can blame ags for everything. But OCE region doesn’t exist so there is no reason to time maintenace to their time. I’m sorry but it s just a fact.

Imagine playing on eu, can’t do shit from 23/02 13:00 till 1 am. So u go bed early to wake up earlier and play before reset.

NO! Maintenance!