Nice mid week powerpass update

Powerpasses Temporarily Disabled What even was the point of this update? Everyone has been expressing their concern and how much of a huge inconvenience the powerpasses being disabled were and we’ve literally been told all last week from various cms that there will be an update this mid-week (today) and to not worry and we legit just get a copy paste of the initial disabled powerpass post. No eta at all or any information on the issue. All this has done is inconvenience legit players and many of us CANNOT even complete or begin the express mission for its valuable rewards since many of us planned to punikka pass the express character, players who already used them are at an advantage since we can’t do dailies/weeklies or anything with characters we want to powerpass, meanwhile bots are just blazing through to thronespire regardless of any pass.


I just want an ETA more than anything else. Like it’s been a week already. How do you still not have an idea on how long it’ll take to resolve the issue after one week?

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It sucks, but thousands of bots PowerPassing to millions of RMT gold for sale also inconveniences most players.

my gf has been stuck for days, she is new player, reached lvl 50, reached ilvl 600, can’t go to yorn to continue, also her two free vern pass characters are sitting waiting as well

And that’s not already happening with or without powerpass???

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Same exact thing happening, some of my irl friends started playing a month ago and want to start new alts already after hitting punikka on their main but legit can’t and losing so much progress cause of this sht.


Yeah 8days how long to wait? 2x weekly event can’t get mats…

The economies were permanently shot with RMT gold and the only efforts made afterwards just made the people that didn’t benefit from it fall further and further behind.

Even if you didn’t buy RMT gold early on, you certainly sold unbound leaps for like the 900+ gold they were going for or benefitted from buying fish from the fish botters making sure they were always like 1g a stack.

All that resulted from it was that gold was deleted from rapport rewards and quests so if you started late (I did) and weren’t in on all that, you were permanently inconvenienced anyway so arguing that this new way somehow inconveniences me is laughable.

Where’s my upside? When do I get the gold that was deleted back with all these supposed “highly effective” countermeasures?

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Not me personally. I was wasting time doing horizontal content and reading all the NPC dialog :stuck_out_tongue: