Nice summer (small and concise rant)

“mid-june update” - no shit
“new skins” - shit skins
“800k players” - bots playing real players cant play
“RMT” - still isnt banned/ no proof of any negative balance

for the representatives
@Roxx - doesnt respond to controversial posts/subjects, always negative responses
@Shadow_Fox - decent CM

game is getting stale, no one hyping update. small queues alr back on NAW


I think you forgot “cheating”.

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never actually seen that in action apart from that 1 video, cheats are there in every game needless to say cheaters eventually get banned. RMTers tho (worse than cheaters) dont get banned

RMTs are wiillng to swipe. Can’t ban the future cash cows. =\


okay we get that you made a mistake and want to turn a new leaf now

summer event = summer skins = me happy!

Shadow_Fox essentially discouraged steam reviews, they are not a good CM. It was dishonest and wrong at best and insidious and illegal at worst. Fox does the play the nice (guy?) thing, they’re both paid to mislead you and are very narcissistic. Don’t stan any of these people, they are not your friends.

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Well, they did say the ban waves would go out over the course of the week. No surprise there. Though, we still gotta see how long it’ll be effective.

Eh, skins are subjective. Apparently, all this forum wants are skins that almost have you naked. Until then all of them are “boring”.

Yeah, saw lots of 3 day temp bans but not a single negative balance thread. Even the liars would talk about getting “unfair” negative balance if it happened.

Apparently the 50 class release posts we got ain’t controversial posts or honing change topics. Honestly, the fact not a single CM talked about the Jar topic is the sad part, but they do talk about controversial things outside of that. Do remember, CM’s are still not the people at top. They’re just higher on the hierarchy chain. They won’t respond to everything because their bosses don’t give them the GO button. These guys like every job aren’t going to be fully transparent on everything unless they are allowed to. NDA is a thing for a reason.


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wouldnt be surprised

Let’s not forget also 1 class every 2 months, and releasing Arcanist, the least popular class meanwhile the entire playerbase is shouting for summoner/scouter/artist/reaper.

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Yeah at some point you gotta realize there’s a reason there is a lack of communication between the players and AGS/SG and it’s pretty much because the CMs are just here to moderate forums, and they quite literally get what they are given regardless of what feedback they have received.

They do their best to non answer questions they can and ignore what they cannot and there’s been a few signs this is true just due to being so uninformed themselves.

The moment they were requesting players to post queues and how long they take i knew there is something very wrong here.

I later find out, the technology to xfer servers is not possible, if you have reached your max character limit you cannot make new characters on other servers even if you were insane enough to start over.

How are server merges possible then? if they lack the ability to xfer rosters from server to server how can they combine and xfer rosters of an entire server with another and what does this mean for the future of the game when most the bots leave, server populations are probably already starting to be a problem for players.

I’ve experienced this before, world of warcraft classic… playing as horde queuing for AV battleground and waiting hours for it to pop. the game seized to function correctly as more and more players quit from long in game queues and unable to clear raid content or world bosses etc.

I know i’m not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but im definitely seeing some red flags and similarities.

I’ve been saying since the day they released the roadmap that stretching the content even thinner than they were before isn’t going to create hype and improve player retention. Slowing down the drip feeding of content (especially classes which are NOT content) to a snail’s pace will kill any hype players have, and the bots gatekeeping players behind login queues as well as severely inflating the economy will kill their motivation to play. And it’s all really only for a little more short term monetary gain.

Idk, at this point we’re like a broken record. If they were going to revert, they would have done it already so it’s hopium.

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June 16th - Go Touch Grass

You missed one

‘No kingdom ruled through fear is a kingdom worth ruling’

Good number of people don’t feel any hype for the update because they do not have their main yet.

ya how hard can it be to transfer already coded stuff to our version