Nice to see AGS has the BOT situation under control


The economy is already ruined because of this… This is pretty much just another New World fiasco.


I mean, it’s not like people are literally being paid to figure out how to continue botting. It’s an ongoing battle.

They removed gold reward from rapport with hidden nerf. I think instead of bots they are trying to punish us. Maybe their tactic is like if no1 plays this game there wont be any bot. Maybe they are over 999iq and we can’t understand

I hope this isn’t your in game username, because it sure does look like a bot name.

Oh wait…the bots are now sentient. Hide your kids and hide your wife.

I mean if you can’t understand how this doesnt affect botting, Im not sure what to tell you.

I literally came to post this exact same thing

Why do we need another forum post on this? The world knows that botting is an issue. Stop running to the forums to post about it every 2 seconds.

And more…wish I could catch all the names.

TBH this is actually worse than it was before the patch.

I have never seen it on this level before. Sure I knew bots were an issue and that they existed in MMOs, but so many of them standing at the same place, doing quests, teleporting around, etc… I have never seen it before.

probably have shares in the gold selling company’s
Sure would explain the weak bans they implement
bahaha win win