Nickname on wrong server

I created my character with a name on the wrong server and he passed level 12 and I don’t want to wait 60 days to be able to create on the right server with the name in question, I need some moderator’s help


I have the same issue, please remove my nick if it is possible as soon as possible because I want to make a character on another server and I do not want to wait a month or x-times and start playing again. Thank you.

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Hello, and welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear about this issue with the name. Unfortunately I have to let you know that there is currently no way to expedite or remove the cooldown from a name that is locked.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

will i have to wait 2 months to play?

The other option is to create another character and rename it after 60 days.
This is what their customer service told me, but of course, this option costs money. :rofl:

Did he say how much does it cost?

Hi again.

You can use a variation on the name as well if it’s available, but otherwise the cooldown on the name can’t be reduced or removed, yes.

Also, as @Remallia pointed out you can also rename another character after the cooldown is done, but it does need a rename ticket which costs money, which I do understand may not be an option for all players.

Again, thank you for your understanding regarding this.

It was not mentioned that the service will cost you of course, but you can have a look yourself. I didn’t bother looking into this poor solution. I’m pretty much waiting for Elden Ring at this point.

I see, I’m just not going to play the game so thanks for the help

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see you there Lifram

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