"Nimble Movement" "tripod" not working!

Hello, I am a Gunlancer Main.
I have an issue for one of the skills. For Alt + K, Skill Bash, Nimble Movement node 2 in First Line, the tripod doesn’t work. I’ve tested it and the effect doesn’t exist.
The Attack Speed doesnt Stack with attack speed of “P”, as I checked many times.
The animations doesnt change as well. Its always same cd time.
I checked others skill Nimble Movements and doesnt work too.

  • Bash First Line Node 2
  • Gunlance Shot First Line Node 2
  • Shield Bash First Line Node 3
  • Shield Shock First Line Node 2

These Skills Doesnt work, this node is not available for use.

It is Bug.

PLZ Report.

Hello @giovanni_cu1, hope you’re well!

Thank you for providing for providing this feedback, I’ll be forwarding your comments to our dedicated team, please let us know here if you find any other similar issues, or remember that you can also use the Bugs and Localization Feedback section of the forum.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Do we have an update on this, @giovanni_cu1 reported this on Bugs 13d ago no feedback on his post there.