Nineveh Rapport Bug

I had a very serious rapport bug with Nineveh, where I lost all my rapport progress after doing a side/rapport mission from/with her. After putting a lot of rapporting items into this I’m pretty sick about this matter and would like to get it resolved asap.
I’ve attached two screenshots where you can see that my rapporting rank now is “neutral” when I already got the “normal” rank reward.

No bug here.

You get the normal reward from just unlocking the npc and your screenshots shows that you are on the second level of [Neutral] rank where you next reward would be unlocked by the “Amicable” rank. The above counter only shows the progress on the current rank which all looks correct.

Try hover the mouse over the big green “?” and you can see the total progress for that npc.

Keep in mind that you will need to raise all of your virtues above 310 for later Nineveh ranks and if you want that bonus 4000 rapport points you will need 360 wisdom.