Nineveh rapport quest "Aura of Chaos"

Same problem for me and a rando trying the same quest with me

Same thing here.

same bug

Just got here as well, all i see is a floating “?” but not interaction available.

Bugged for me too. Now Nineveh isn’t at her usual spot and I can’t do my rapport daily…

so where is Sanctum of Mist?

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Bugged for me too. No nineveh and only floating quest marker at the quest location

Bugged for me aswell, cant continue rapport with Nineveh…

Just abandon the quest for the time being. Nineveh will be available again, and you can pick the quest up later when it’s fixed.

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Bugged for 3 days? GG

Same, bugged for me. So sad, because I love her.

Did anyone tried recently?

Tried half an hour or so ago, still bugged until they hotfix it.

still bugged

Bugged for me as well hoping for a fix soon. Cant advance report anymore until quest is complete.

Still bugged, rip best character

still bugged fast fix pls

still bugged for me too. please fix so I can bring my wife to my stronghold :frowning:

NOOO!! not my waifu why is she bugged!

@roxx can you take note of this ?