Ninja/stealth changes Lost Ark no patch notes

I have found two changes in the last few days, were one is huge, and the other only really effect me as a morning player. 1 is did you know you can do two adventure islands on the weekends??!!? Yes its true that why there is a split on islands on the weekends so you can do one in the early afternoon, and one at night, now you cant do the same island twice to double up on gold, but I know its a huge thing. Never was it in any patch notes, and they started it with the Glaivier patch. 2 is they got rid of the 10:30 Spida island spawn time and the 10:50 Alakkir time, I used to do both back to back in the morning and took a break for a bit to come back and see they are gone. We as a community need to stand up and as the questions why changes happen without it being noted anywhere.

i don’t know what you talk about but the weekend always had 2 adventure islands from the start…

other one is minor update if that was the case, but there are plenty going on in the day so don’t worry about that

Can you please elaborate on what exactly changed with the weekend adventure islands?
You can do one in the morning, after reset. And then after like 4 hours you can do one more.

Has this been changed?

You can do 2 island/day at weekend since start

It has always stated in game compass that you can do 1 reward daily never did I see anywhere you can do two a day.

you didn’t see != it wasn’t there

yes there was, you can see both timers and if you saw clearly it always stated 2 times this day.

if you missed one or done one, you can see the second one popping when the the right time is up.

thing actual lack is that the game doesn’t explain there are events… for example the new “PVP” Events that happened in the weekend, would be nice they share some information about extra events. especially that they don’t happen that often.

I will be honest the UI showing Claimed in big letters made me feel I am done for the day. Looking at the super close It does show a different time bracket, but before I know thought it was just different sets of islands not 2nd rewards ready to go.

There was like two weeks in the middle where it was bugged and you could only do one per day, apart from that its always been 2 on saturdays and sundays.