No 1415 Chaos Dungeons with South Vern

So what’s the point of South Vern? This sort of defies all logic when considering they want to inject more honing material. It feels like they’re moving T3 content to form another deadzone, just like how they moved 1355 content to 1370 (Oreha Well Hardmode/Night Fox Yoho).

Hoping they explain this because wtf


They really are just stripping all the meat from the bone and throwing us the gristle…


it would definitely help to have more content for lower levels!!

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Wait, so they are releasing a new continent but without it’s Chaos Dungeon? Can we safely assume that there will not be a South Vern guardian raid and abyssal dungeon as well?

I get not releasing the 1445 dungeon with relic accessories, but the bridge and 1415 chaos dungeon would just help everyone to progress.


Think so too…

Because the bird is the first Guardian after Velganos.

So basically for April we get no content except the story of South Vern I suppose ( and the new class but it is not reallocated classified as “content”).

Can they please just release it I’m only interested in the relic stuff because I finally want to play my chars at the point where they are balanced at

I don’t get why they would release a continent with no actual new content. We get the story, and that’s it? No Chaos dungeons no guardians nothing. Honestly if that’s the case I don’t even see the point of releasing a new continent if the only thing you get from it is the story and the 1000 stones you get from playing it.


south vern got a daily instance like Anguished Isle with a Honing trader the trader got juice one time roster mats i think it was first page 1370+ sec page was 1415+ ( 200 greater honor leapstones etc) but idk if it comes with april update

EDIt : video [LOST ARK] WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IN SOUTH VERN?! - YouTube he shows what you can get from this instance


Are we getting the Edge of Chaos Dungeon that’ll get us more mats/leg focus rune?

Considering chaos dungeons are the most basic of basic content and we’re not getting it. Im not betting on getting anything other than story right now

Literally not much of a point in adding it if that’s the case unless people enjoy horizontal content, if this is the case then it won’t help with progression for valtan at all.

They should still be releasing the South Vern dungeon hopefully? Since it requires 1370 for entry. I’m not surprised that 1415 content is in May since they stretched a month update over two month because players saying it’s too fast…

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Does this drop relic accessories or legendary? If its the former I wouldn’t count on it.

of course they’re slowing down progression u forum freddys keep complaining to push everything back , now they do it and your saying why are you slowing progression?

You people need help


Different people complaining about different things, I don’t think the people who care about 1415 chaos dungeons want stuff pushed back this heavily. (with a possibility of being pushed back even more still)


Yup dont we love NA logic, ask for content to be pushed back, but then ask for content to help upgrade. Cant have both but ask for both mickey mouse region


It drops shards to exchange for T3 honing mats and silver. No accessories or gears I believe.

If that’s the case hopefully they’ll add it then.

Hey im from EU and wanted valtan this month. They cant keep delaying every single bit of content then when people complain theres no materials or gold they go