No abyss dungeon anymore?!

so … you finally wrecked down the most fun part of the game, indeed the only content you could not run without brain … great work guys -_- any reasons for this?

Gold inflation? You can still do them just cant get gold from it past 1415?

I dont understand what youre statements about. Is it the gold in the abyss dung or that you cant do them at all? Cause thats a problem if you cant do them.

If you’re looking for a way to earn gold past 1415 youll have to do valtan and argos. Whoch argos is technically a brain dead run at this point. Only communication is nesw1234 or x3 and the call outs in p2. Which to be fair is pretty easy.

You can bus them now

you dont get cards anymore since you cant buy the chest at the end so also no upgrade mats and no gold, the only thing you get there now is useless stuff you dont need anymore, it just makes no sense to do this before implement a new abyssal dungeon

You should still be able to get specific cards. I dont know about the RNG card packs themselves though. Either way at 1415 you can solo those dungeons even the hard modes if you can play your class well enough. So im assuming they took away progress items from non challanging content.

thats absurd … you can also run the yolo fox for mats, you can farm chaos dungeon where ever you want, you can farm fricking normal enemys in south vern to get gold, but not the abyssal dungeon no no how dare you to farm gold and mats by doing something funny

because game is like this in every version.

thats not a reason, this does not explain why it is like this in every version

Because you are not supposed to get gold when you exceed the ilvl limit, this is how it is designed. Also you will not get gold from argos at 1475 in the future

Tbh it makes less sense to be able to farm all of the previous abyss dungeons when theyre not challanging content for you.

Idk why you are arguing this now when its been a thing since they launched the game. Every abyssal stops giving progression mats once youve out scaled them.

By the way i think specific cards are still farmable in those dungeons. Like the brelshaza card from the 460 abyssal.

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yeah, almost all legendary cards have about a 5% chance to drop from any abyss dungeon, no matter what you ilvl is.

it’s why you sometimes see 1380+ people in t1 abyss dungeons.

@Ippotsuko Not related: but Im constantly giving newbies carries when im farming for those cards.
But also a part of me just likes helping the little turtles get their gear. I let em do a few mechanics before i 1 shot the boss lol.

my argue is because whenever you were at a point where you couldnt run an abyssal dungeon, you have gotten a new one, and until today the last ones didnt had any limit, so this was coming with todays patch, yesterday you could run those abyssal dungeons even with 1540, so i dont see the point for the limit BEFORE adding a new abyssal dungeon (as i told you already!) … the card i am talking about is a card which you could get out of the last abyssal dungeon out of every tier, when you buyed the chest at the end you got one random card

I’m at 1414, if I farm the abyss I would be able to claim the gold from Valtan in the same week?

this makes me so sad…no more gold form the abyss dungeon?! i dont get the reason, why?!

Good thing. Those were so boring.

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No you couldnt cause the gear to get you to 1540 comes from future content, it was bound to happen and will continue to happen once you go up in ilvl

They added another source for gold aka valtan and you get more out of it.

The restrictions are to keep the market from inflating. You can look up a video about KR gold inflation if want to know more about how it could be an issue if there was too much gold in the game.

Im done commenting because its like talking to a brick wall. Its how its been handled everytime.

Yeah, if you do the abyssal, before you hit 1415 youd get gold.

Cause they added a new source of gold with valtan and it gives you more.

You do get cards, I just got a rare one.