No Answers about New Classes

This remember me of some game, when they decided to bring the other classes from the KR after so long, it was already too late, ppl gave up on the idea to wait for their classes to arrive, but hopefully we will have some news about it soon, or at least the roadmap

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Have any shadow on the horizon about the release roadmap? Would be nice for us to know the upcoming updates. Have no surprise as it already exists, don’t need to create, so for sure have a roadmap for it, or should have.

Is interesting to not take so long because most fun specializations (in my opinion) aren’t released yet for us.

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I’m surprised to see that so many people are okay with getting the other classes in months. It’s great if you found a class you enjoy among the current selection. But many people want to main the other classes, classes that have been there since the game’s release.

Is it really such a weird thing to ask? Destroyer, Lance Master, especially Arcana and Summoner (seeing as there is a lack of mage classes right now)… Nobody is asking to get Artist or something.


I want to thank to the ppl that understand my point, even if you specify you are not being toxic, enven if you only want equialize with other sv the ppl get mad because “dont say anything bad about my game or i will crush you” even they call me god (kinda cringe) but well, they have theirs fan-point and you cant argue with that even if you try. I hope the game gube us the roadmap and a real answer for all randomly 15 clases. Thanks again to ppl that can read and understand. I dont want to make a fight.


Wht do you mean full class? We did not get assassins, holy knight, sorceres and, specialists and other more class in our russian release are you joking? Cyka,:joy::joy:

We always intended to launch with 15 classes at start, and add in more over time. This plan has not changed, and we will be rolling out new content in a steady cadence for players, since it is a live service game.

If you want more info about how the initial lineup was picked, you can review this article: Lost Ark December Team Update: Sorceress - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG


Sorecer and artis was logical because the dates, the others were literally 3 vs 6 here, remember that striker, sorc and gunner were released on middle/later 2021 and the RU sv was released on 2021.

Thanks for the answer, any clue of the roadmap?

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Phew all the attacking in this thread x_x . I think OP literally just wants the roadmap we were promised. Unfortunately, I was excited to play bard until the artist came out because I usually love support characters. It was okay, but over time I realized the class was extremely boring so knowing when the artist could possibly come out and being able to plan around that is nice. The game is a ton of fun but we do need the classes KR has released since we already have T3 content.


Can you clarify something that people seem to be split on? The general consensus is the idea was one class every 2-3 months, but there are people who claim this comes from a mistranslation and that every class will be released within 2-3 months. It’d be nice to lay that one to rest if at all possible.


We definitely need more information on this. At least the roadmap that we were promised.
But people need to know a general timeline of when to expect the other classes, since a lot of people are planning to make one of them their main.
And on that same topic, we need an update on character slots. Right now we’re limited to 12, when there’s 15 classes, so we already have too little. That problem will only get worse with each new class release, until we get more character slots available to us.

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The roadmap is still going to happen (I assume classes will be a part of it) but right now since we’re focusing in on resolving the launch issues, we don’t want to push it out or run ahead too quickly before addressing what is outstanding


Thank you for your answer but nonetheless this is a bad idea and makes no sense.

This is the same thing if a new Mc Donalds opens that is closer to you and you go there and you want a BicMac but when you get to the counter you get told that this is a newly opened McDonalds and they are not selling BicMacs yet and it will be released later. Why are you not selling BicMacs yet it’s a core item of this establisment? “We want to release content overtime.”
I’ll just go to another fast food joint then lol
No hate :slight_smile:


Right but at least some people are more likely to come back to the game later on when their pet class comes along and is released. It’s a built-in way to incentivize returner players, and provide ongoing opportunities to plug and market the game in the future. Spreading that out makes marketing sense.

80% of complaints are if you already played the game or watch a substantial amount of video on it.

if you take it as a brand new game, you seriously don’t miss the upcoming classes, there’s enough content to enjoy and since the amount of people that played on RU/KR server are a minority. Holding back the classes to a later date, makes perfect sense. I actually applaud them for doing so.

It makes it so that you can enjoy the game with the current classes and be ready with, knowledge transfer gold or to keep your powerpass for that specific upcoming class at a later date.

While I understand your analogy of McDonalds, it only works if you already played the game, and like I said it’s only (I presume) about 1-5% of the playerbase? perhaps more but obviously less than 25%.

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They could easily please both groups of players by releasing the roadmap that they promised us. Yeah it makes sense to hold classes for later release, but a lot of the frustration for those who are waiting for those classes (because they played the game in other regions) comes from not having any idea of when they can expect their favorites.
And it’s been almost 2 weeks now, their excuse of “needing to get the game stable first” is starting to get pretty flimsy. The game should really be stable by now, it’s bad enough that it somehow isn’t yet. But delaying critical information more and more is not a good idea.


You are also right. But those who are not wanting to commit to the game before their core experience is in the game won’t also be generating any revenue, mostly atleast. Surely the % who played RU/KR version is really small I’d say the % of ppl who researched the classes before hand is definitely noticeable. And a lot of ppl want the classes that are on the other versions. I understand we just launched so I can wait a little while, but I wont be waiting for several months so I can really start the game. It’s really frustrating D:


I understand your point, a roadmap would be nice, I think Gold River in an interview mentioned that a new class should be introduced every 3 month or so. But I might be wrong.

I think 3 month for a new class is a good way to introduce them, while I would not consider the “new” version of classes like the female berserker a new class and would be released in between those 3 month spaces.

As for the flimsiness of their excuse, I’m sure you’ve noticed that certain server have large queue or several bugs about missing item, while not counting the bots amount. While saying “stable game first” is not only about the ability to log on the game, but to get it into a fine status with the anti-cheats and etc. I suspect the team that works on the global release is relatively small and cannot take much resources from the KR/RU teams in the company. Thus tasks might takes a bit more time. That’s what I think but than again I don’t see the other side of the door so this is all just my opinion.

You know.

I can agree to some extent. I’m not a new player and I’m waiting on a few classes as well, but I still have my secondary alts and whatnot.

AGS holding back classes on launch, especially the classes that were originally launched first in all regions, was a mistake. The bait of having summoner and then removing it for Sorc. was a mistake. You have two mages. But you have every fucking fighter class besides Lance Master and every assassin except for Reaper.

You’re missing scouter from the gunners. You’re missing Arcana. Missing Destroyer- which apparently was being reworked or redesigned during this time and they just couldn’t roll that out apparently.

The choice for the classes was made to appease this sense of gender equality and gender related issues. There was no reason to release with so many fighters and leave out classes that launched with the game.

This issue is old and has been brought up so many times in the past. It is what it is.

Just like some of the other posts inside and outside this thread- we get it. EU has server issues. But completely hyper focusing on that can lead to potential problems.

It’s been like this since early access and all we’re hearing about is freaking EU. This is why there should have been a separate forum for EU and NA. I’m not trying to be mean or bring any type of malice, but some of us are getting sick and tired of seeing the same EU posts over and over.

Meanwhile, there’s been no announcements or anything concerning the NA East or West servers, even though, since last night we all got the PvP tabulating points message. Which we added to the bug forums. The servers are also being flooded with spammers and bots and gold sellers and it’s not getting better. Servers are lagging and freaking out.

Anyway. There are issues all over the place and it seems like EU is being hyper-focused on while the other side of the playerbase gets ignored.

The roadmap should have already been completed. Japan had it before their release. So it can be done. AGS should already have a plan and a release cycle for classes.

But nope. Let’s wait until the last possible second, players and statements be damned.

@Roxx The whole team of CMs are doing a great job at putting out fires and trying to appease the crowd. I commend you. You’re doing a good job and I appreciate the extra work and the hard work.


I meant flimsy as in, it’s starting to be pretty ridiculous that the game isn’t “stable” yet.
Obviously getting the game stable is the most important thing for them to work on. But like I said, it’s been almost 2 weeks. It’s crazy that they haven’t been able to fix issues that really should have been fixed before launch anyways.
And in addition, while I do agree that getting the game stable is more important than a roadmap, at this point it’s been too long and delaying the roadmap more and more is just going to make people more frustrated. They could at least placate us by releasing the roadmap while they continue to work on the issues.