No auction at end of chaos gates sometimes

Over the last 2 or 3 weeks, ive had it happen several times that at the end of Chaos Gates I dont get the auction to pop-up and afterwards no gold is mailed to me from the split. It doesnt happen in every chaos gate, sometimes everything works normally. I only run them on the same character each time too all from the 1415 gate. Very frustrating as its several hundred worth of gold at this point ive missed out on.

I get the other rewards from the end boss such as shards and card packs.

Thank you for reporting this, waveforce.

What is your character name and your server?

@Centeotl Goguk on Avesta NA-East

I too have this same problem. Twice now and last one was today. Muooman NA-East

Thank you both for letting me know, tripper253 and waveforce. I’ll send this over to the development team.

Also, welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, tripper253!

@Centeotl Happened again tonight, seems to be happening everytime now. Super frustrating, Im losing out on a lot of gold from the auctions :frowning:

:confused: . I understand the problem is frustrating, I’ve sent it over to the development team for further review, they are currently looking into it.

Zuuppp - Antares (EUC)

happend to me just now in south vern. it was the 2nd time. the 1st time i didnt bother looking into it or reporting it, since it was like 20 gold at the time. but i think this really shouldnt happen.

hopefully you will figure out what causes this.