No auction at the end of a Chaos Gate

I just finished my daily Chaos Gate run. I got the boss rewards, but I didn’t get the auction notification. I saw other players chatting about the auction prices, so I’m preety sure it happened, I just didn’t get to see the auction itself or the items there and didn’t get any gold for it.
Server: Moonkeep. Character: Lskadi. Chaos Gate: Wailing Swamp.

this just happened to me too. i used autoattacks on the boss but died before i could use abilities. got back to the boss but the other 29 ppl had killed it already. i suspect that you have to do a certain amount of damage to the last boss to get the gold share and the auction

In my case I believe I did enough damage. As a gunslinger I hit all of my shotgun and rifle abilities at least once so damage dealt shouldn’t be an issue. I did get his Rift Piece drops, and I believe if I didn’t do enough damage I wouldn’t get the drops either