No bid on roll item then randomly assign it

I realize that this is probably how it is in korea and other versions, which may make it a diffcult change to make at this point. But honestly, i don’t understand why is it that the system is set up in a way that it doesn’t allow for items that receive no bids to simply be rolled and given out to a lucky party member.

For those that don’t know what i’m speaking of. In T3 some content will provide with engraving books of epic or legendary quality, or treasure maps and such, on completion. The party gets to bid a gold amount that starts at a fixed 50gold. Whoever wins pays that gold for the item and it gets distributed evenly across the remaining party members as compensation. Some if not most of the items thou, are not worth 50 gold so obviously no one bids, and then the game just discards the item.

Or another scenario, i was in a party with friends yesterday and a epic grudge book drops. One of the guys obviously wanted it as its quite valuable and the rest of the group just let him have it, because who the hell wants to start a bidding war with a buddy? What kind system is this even lol? i mean it makes sense when in pugs or in a random group, but no one is going to start a bidding war over an item with a friend, it is just silly.

So 2 issues could be addressed by simply having the system roll randomly if there is no bids, and assign that item to a random person in the group.

1 it would help maintain friendships and a healthy community within game as currently it actually discourages me from doing content with my friends.

2 it would prevent the feeling of waste, cause even if that book/map is only worth a couple gold, and therefore not worth the 50gold bid, it still leaves a rotten feeling knowing that the game simply just discards it.

What is the rationale behind having the system as is?