No Blue Crystal Omen Skin?

Just wondering if the Omen skin will have an option to buy with blue crystals since the Alar skin had it. Thanks


in the notes it said that it is available for royal crystals until april. No mention of it being available with the blue ones but with the wording it appears as though it’s possible with the april update…fingers crossed?

really hope they canceled it, and bring actual skins kekw

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They are in the store for me. 2400 for skin pack and 3800 for the pack including the mount and wallpaper. 2400 is about what? 25 bucks?

that doesnt answer the topics question

I can’t see it in my shop for some reason :confused:

I didn’t at first either but then after a few minutes it populated.

Yeah, I read the topic wrong. Sorry

Next month, when they will drip-feed you the next set of skins only available for royal crystals. Now cough up some dollars if you want it early, piggy. Daddy Bezos needs more boats.


And what does the 35 D label mean? That it is available for purchase for 35 days or that you can use the skin for 35 days once purchased?


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Its about 35 euro’s

there’s already a couple on the market lol

At an absurd premium, as expected. Might be a good way to swipe some extra gold… hmm… tempting.

i mean, the players decide the price they put it for on the auction house… also… you can easily make 500-1000 gold on a T1 alt a day so 10-20k gold isnt that bad as a F2P for a premium currency cosmetic

prob bc all of the bots and their gold infused into the economy they dont want the skins to be purchased with in game earnable currency. makes a lot of sense but kinda is also admitting defeat (for now).

People unironically thought that being able to hoard thousands of blue gems would let them buy anything in the shop


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well, you still cant sell skins bought with blue crystals, so it wouldnt matter. bots would not be able to capitalize on that.

They look so bad for royal crystals only def passing on these… half censored garbo

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They claimed that they would make skins blue crystal buyable, “thats gonna be our business plan and f2p friendly”. Now what, being a hypocrite.