No bot clean-up this reset?

There usually is a bot cleanup each reset , but I didnt notice any bot reduction this week - quite the opposite. About one hour after servers opened after reset I found a series of bot farming on the island I usually go to for excavating (a new one spawns after the first has exhausted life energy), making impossible for me to do what I was there to do. And, however quick, a bot cannot get to sailing level in an hour.

Also, same day half an hour before, yudia had a crowd of bots running around (usually you see none or just one or two) - I was there for a una task and they were coming non-stop.

Today I went to Atlas for a rapport quest and this was after 5 mins

I just stayed there to kill them just because I always wish for world pvp when I see them around stealing my relics - although I’m no good at pvp - and I goy some small satisfaction in killing them

But… so, no bot cleanup this week?

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Bruh did you just take a picture with your phone instead of print screen? I kneel.

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much quicker this way (I mean loading it is quicker… I never remember how to get to the screenshots folder in la)

He did. Kek

with that being said. everyone, we most go DEEPER



Brother come. We shall dive in the depths of this thread and uncover what lies beneath. We. Must. Go. DEEPER


But seriously… why was there no bot clean-up?


NA dev team are probably on maintenance mode and are helping the main KR dev team for Akkan Raid release


Coz of akkan we are getting no content this month D:


I actually outlined why no bot clean-up this week is a huge problem in another post; basically bots cannot be allowed to progress to Thronespire or else they will be able to use hacks to complete the content to reap 15k+ gold in rewards. This is pretty much the bot “endgame”, and it a huge reason why orange honing books and legendary Grudge is so cheap relative to where its price was.

how many bot clean up done so far ? does it matter ?

was just doing Unas in north vern and i had to fight against 50+ bots to kill that NPC …

next time take a picture with a third party webcam to go the next level.

Then explain why fish is still over 20g.

I need my 97 channels of Luterra and Prideholme so I can get my free rapport items again pls ty

Bruh… u a boomer or what? LOL why didn’t print screen? lightshot? snipit? LOL

smh at these people not even going deep

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Yea the fish prices man… something has to be done

Arent those bots still fishing?
Prices should be lower with all the bots around.