No, but actually-

Continuing the discussion from Wintrade and boost "GM player":

What are you doing to look into the known wintrading and cheating that’s been done since the start of season 1?

I know for a fact that Roxx has received direct evidence on multiple fronts and appears to be unable to affect any meaningful change; why should we believe that Lost Ark Support will be any different?

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I cannot make meaningful change when it comes to player bans within Lost Ark because I do not have any form of access whatsoever to player accounts, back end systems or other player details in-game. I do not have any tools to investigate or action on reports or bans, as I do not have access to use or work with any of those related systems or support tools – this is not a part of my job, and therefore I do not have the resources required to accomplish these tasks.

Lost Ark Support will be able to assist because the Customer Service team is the group that is in place to investigate player reports and issues. They are here specifically to work through support requests, and they have the correct tools to do so. This is why support requests such as ban appeals or player reports need to be made directly to that team through our support portal, and do not have a place on the forums.