No card xp in game

hello everyone , and sorry for my bad english , i’m an italian guy . I’m playing lost ark since the relase , and today i check my card collection and found 0 xp on 9999999999. It’s impossibile i think all my friend have it ! . I never upagraded a card or deleted .

There are two card types,

1* EXP Cards,
2*Slotable Cards.

I would assume you probably didn’t encounter the Exp Cards. But fear not! You can destroy the cards you do not want , for experience !

Itìs impossibile , a lot of cards that i opened told me you have a copy convert this one in exp.

I know this is a older post but just to let other players know about the window that tells you card converts to xp. it’s just letting you know this will happen if you have full collection of that card. Full collection is 16 cards. the card you have plus 15 on it. only then will xp be converted for any further duplication cards. XP you get is 50xp for common, 150xp for uncommon 300xp for rare, 800xp for Epic and 1500 for Legendary for having duplicate cards. just to say again duplicate card is ment at PAST 16 cards not having 2 cards.