No Chance at all of a 1415 Hyper Express Or...?

@Roxx I don’t really want any part in the 1370 vs 1415 express debate. BUT, I do want to make sure that AGS has no intention to change their minds before next patch. I have been saving tons of mats and gold in anticipation that we MIGHT get a 1415 Hyper Express, but now I may as well start honing with the latest news.

I just don’t want to use up my mats and gold, and then get info in a couple of days stating that AGS has changed their minds and we are getting a 1415 express for whatever reason.

So just some clarity if possible to make sure. I tried logging a ticket and live support both said that they have no way of telling me what will happen, and that I should try to find out on the forums because they don’t have the event info…

I believe there is always a chance of a last second change (like the stronghold honing buff) but I don’t think Roxx or AGS can/want to confirm anything, just in case plans change

More communication and clarity would be great, not just for this topic (EUW hello?), but well, it is what it is


Tell me about it, more communication would be great tbh… I know the wait is less than a week, but it would be nice to have some sort of confirmation.

You have a good point though, maybe they cant confirm yet.

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Since you’ve waited so long already with your hoarded mats, I’m sure you can wait 1 more week to find out.


They could be saving some of the good stuff in case they screw up and want something as a compensation. Kinda like they were holding back with 1460 honing research. So if they will have to delay Arcana you might see 1415 express or sth else they have ready just waiting for a button press.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

I spent 2000+ € in the first three months of release of game, we are now more than 60+ people in that situation that dont spend a single € in your game.

At first it was the lack of RMTers sanction that motivated our decision.

Now for the BIGGEST express event who happen only ONCE A YEAR for ALL REGIONS you give us a 1370 ? Maybe its not clear enough : THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THE ENTIRE YEAR is a 1370 pass with you ?

(1370 = 0 content period, there is a clear lack of people playing the game in AGS team to take such decision otherwise they would know what 1370 content is like).

Guess what, our little boycott whale group will keep on track. The only thing most of us couldnt resist would be sexy skins, but our wallets are safe as we are never going to see them.

You can give that feedback to your bosses that if we kept paying like we did in the last 2 months, just our group is 180.000 € loss for AGS, and we are part of an iceberg as i dont think much people are organised this way.

And dont worry we dont expect any answer from you since months as you never answer to EU posts from any members of our group.



Just wait the week. There’s really no telling anything for certain.

How about that ?

its from the Arcana announcement Lost Ark Academy - Arcanist - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

Speculatively and realistically speaking, there is absolutely no chance that it will suddenly change to a 1415 Hyper Express.

The current state of the game imo doesn’t necessary need a 1415 Hyper Express and is not in a desperate state in recruiting new players. An estimate of 100,000 - 150,000 actual human players is subjectively a healthy amount. Adding on the lack of skins + there is only two available legion raids + the current classes available and the issues NA/EU LA is facing atm, a 1415 Hyper Express pass should not be handed out at this time considering all of those factors.

TLDR: It’s very safe to just use up your mats/gold now.

A 1415 Hyper Express is most likely to happen with the release of the 3rd legion raid.

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