No Chaos Gate and Ghost Ship saying "Claimed"

I haven’t done a single Chaos Gate today, I have yet to do the Ghost Ship from 960 onwards, but it says ‘claimed’. First today, there were disconnects on a massive scale, now co-op instances are broken or completely absent? What is going on?

Ghost ship is weekly! Maybe you did any of them since last reset?

About chaos gate, no idea…

Yea so Ghost Ship gives u weekly lockout when u enter it and Chaos Gates arent up today.

Fairly certain I did it before the last reset, it was not saying ‘claimed’ yesterday. It’s also a bit silly if doing one Ghost Ships lock you out from all the others by doing only the lowest one, because I have only completed the 460 one.

Also, would like an explanation as to why the Chaos Gates aren’t up. They are daily rewards, daily rewards are important to F2P players, so there should be some sort of explanation somewhere.

One day you have world bosses, the other day you have chaos gates.
You don’t need them daily as f2p player as it’s locked out for users paying as well.

Fair enough. Thanks for the explanation, I did not realise since I’m in a weird timezone relative to the server, I thought they were removed because of the mass disconnects. Thanks.