No closed beta in my library even though i purchased founders

I purchased a gold founders pack and when I check the post about closed beta it says “You will be able to begin pre-downloading the Closed Beta build on November 2 after 4 PM PT (11 PM UTC). If you purchased a Founder’s Pack through Steam, the Closed Beta Test will automatically appear in your library as a new application ready for download”. Is that about my region or some kind of bug that might happen? Am I the only one who encountered this or is it a common bug or something?

Try to remove Lost Ark from your favourites tab and restart steam.

It should appear in the normal library tab at the next start.

Both Lost Ark and the Lost Ark Beta Client.

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Yeah, many users reported restarting Steam wouild fix their issue,
so you might wanna give it a shot.


Yep, this fixed the issue for me personally.

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Oh, it worked this time. I did try restarting yesterday and it did not work. I don’t know what has been changed but thanks for the solution.

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You’re welcome, buddy!

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